A euro container is a versatile plastic box or stacking container – sometimes called euro boxes – used in the storage and product movement and handling industries. They can also be used by private individuals. They feature in all aspects of the industries, from the initial manufacturing through product storage to transportation and logistics, right up until a delivery truck pulls up to a customers house.

These euro stacking containers, or stack-able euro containers, are versatile boxes made of plastic that can also come with lids. Euro containers have uniform dimensions, meaning they are ideal for automated manufacturing systems or for product handling. A euro container can come in a variety of sizes, ranging from the small 20-litre variety up to huge 172-litre versions and more.

The Versatility of Euro Containers

When you first look at euro containers, they don’t look like much; squat, plain boxes, often grey or blue, simple in design and intent. Disguised by their mundane appearance, however, are a plethora of uses.

First of all, euro containers are exceptionally strong. They have a lattice support bottom, which means that they can carry a suprising amount of weight for their size. Second of all, they can stack and cross stack. This makes them indispensable in situations where storage space is limited, or just in the storage industry as a whole. By stacking up rather than out, companies can save on square floor space for storage, cutting costs and improving profit margins. Additionally, when you’re shifting pallets worth of them, because of their cross stacking ability these Euro Containers add rigidity to the stack. They come with a groove in the bottom that fits perfectly into the top of the one below it, meaning the solidity of the stack is actually enhanced by cross stacking these boxes.

The Many Uses Of Euro Containers The Many Uses Of Euro Containers

Third of all, they come with hinged lids. This allows your euro containers to be sealed shut with tamper proof evidence seals, a necessity when using third party providers to ship your goods and products. With or without the lids, the euro containers will stack.

Last of all, they are ideal for fitting onto racking or shelving. With a consistent height throughout the manufacturing process, these euro containers can be easily maneuvered in and out of or onto shelving and racking. Again, this makes them perfectly suited to implementation within automated systems.

The Companies Using Euro Containers

Thanks to several of the properties inherent in euro containers, two of the world’s largest companies are looking at utilising euro containers in their systems. Both Walmart and Tescos are allegedly looking to move to Euro Containers in order to keep their food produce fresher. Food grade plastic is used in these boxes so food should be contamination free. Vented sides allow airflow and prevent moisture build up, therefore giving the produce a longer lasting lifespan. With each company turning over the billions this is expected to be a huge order for one of the large plastic container manufacturers.

In general, moving to euro containers for food storage is an excellent move by these companies. Euro containers are extremeley robust boxes and can take a beating while protecting the products or goods stored inside. It is also possible to maintain their structural integrity while adding ventilation, allowing goods to breathe and prevent them from going south. Get in touch with Exporta Global if you want to know more.