When you check the cost of new ink cartridges, refilling old one seems a pretty good option, because it cost you nearly half of the new cartridges. But there are many disadvantages of refilling ink and toner of your printer.

  • Printer Damage

A refilled cartridges can leak and may clog the printer; this will not break your printer but it increases the risk of damaging your printer. When refilled cartridges break your printer, it also voids your warranty. Refilled cartridges increase the risk of printer damage. The risk of leakage increases when you refill your own printer cartridge. You have to pour the ink into an opening at the top of the cartridge if the opening is not completely sealed; it can leak and damage your printer device.

  •  Refilled Toner cartridges are not durable

A toner cartridge has many components. The components vary from one brand and cartridge model to another. When an empty cartridge is refilled, all the other components remain the same components. The OEMs typically manufacture their cartridges to be used for a certain time period. If the cartridge exceeds the limits, the chances of refilled cartridge failing go up exponentially.

  •  Refilling cartridges are very messy:

The ink can do a real damage to your property. If the ink-spattered on your belongings, then cleaning will be a real mess. If you don’t want to buy a new cartridge and wants to refill your old cartridge toner then the best way is to refill your cartridge with the help of an expert. Refill kits can be technically complicated: It is a technical process of refilling the cartridges; if you are refilling the cartridges without any technical help it means there is a lot of room for mistakes. If you didn’t seal the cartridge or insert it properly, it will definitely affect the printer ink distribution on a page.

  •  Complexities in ink cartridges:

Some ink cartridges are very complex. New cartridges are manufactured with more complexity, which means their refill kits also become a bit more particular. New cartridges have specialized digital chips that may cause the printer’s firmware to get nettlesome. These chips are used to keep track of ink levels. When the ink cartridge gets empty, the chipsets itself to empty. This means some printers won’t accept refilled cartridge due to its default setting.

  • Poor printing quality:

If you want a quality print then never go for refilled toner cartridges. The printing quality of refilled cartridges never matches up with new cartridges. If you are using refilled cartridges then you may face streaking, fading, smudging, and other printing issues.

So, these are some factors which easily clarify that you should not refill your old cartridge. But there is a difference in the sum of refilling cartridge and buying a new one. If you do not want to invest more money, always refill your cartridge with the help of an expert technician or you can take help from the printer related blogging platform. Refilling cartridges are also somehow good for the environment. New cartridges are made from resources drawn from the environment, and empty cartridges are thrown into landfills. These cartridges do not decompose easily which is hazardous for nature. If we refill our cartridges, then it will decrease the cartridge requirements and also the old one is not dumped openly. The idea of a refilled cartridge is not bad if you don’t mind the print quality and printer issues. Contact Cartridge Refilling in Gurgaon for refilling your cartridge safely.