If you are a fan of rummy game and find it difficult to gather to play the game, the alternative is online rummy. However, most people have still not got accustomed to the online platform. They prefer playing with a deck of card with friends around the table. This is because they do not know the merits of playing rummy on the internet.

They still assume that online rummy won’t be as exciting as playing with friends, offline. If you wish to get your friends interested in rummy online, here are some simple tips to follow:

  • Introduce to Free Gaming Apps

Online gaming apps and websites like Khelplay Rummy allow players to create their gaming account for free simply by inserting their basic details. They can play free rummy games online with this account. Practice chips are provided for each player and these can be replenished with a simple refresh button. This means an avid rummy player will find that Khelplay Rummy is the best place where they can practice their rummy playing skills.

  • Explain About Free Points on Inviting Friends

In sites like Khelplay Rummy, they are always hoping to increase the number of gamers on the site. This is why the sites and apps have special free points allocated to players when their invites to friends are accepted. This means, the sites allow you to play rummy online with your friends and also enjoy extra points for the same. Now, what more can you expect from online gaming?

  • Inform About BenefitS of Playing Online

One major drawback when you play rummy offline with friends and dear ones is that you need to consider the convenience of everyone in picture. Many times, you do not get to play the game even when you are in mood simply because others are not willing to play. This is not the case with online rummy apps. Here you can play the game while on the go if you have a good internet connection.

There is no restriction of time either. If you feel like playing a classic rummy game at midnight, you simply have to look for online players and play with them. This greater flexibility offered by online gaming is one of the greatest blessings of the game.

  • How to Enjoy Playing with Complete Strangers, Safely On the Web?

One of the sad parts of playing rummy offline is that you almost always end up playing with the same people. After the few initial sessions, the learning process ends as you already know the moves and strategies of the opponents. This is not the case when you engage in rummy online games.

The app allows you to play the game with complete strangers. It means, each time you play with a new person, you learn ultimate rummy tricks and tactics. The best part is that you can play with rummy around the globe from completely different time zones too.

  • Learn New Variations Online

Since the online gaming apps want more and more people to participate, there are multiple rummy games which you can play on this site. There could be variations that you have never played and this could be a good opportunity to learn these variations. You can play 10 cards game, 13 card rummy game or even 21 card variations. You can also choose between pools rummy and deals rummy.

  • Tell Them About the Online Cash Tournaments

To keep the excitement in players alive, the apps and sites organise many cash tournaments each season. You can be a part of these Indian rummy tournaments by depositing the required amount with the company. If you win these tournaments, cash prize will be deposited to your account. The cash tournaments have many levels and are quite challenging.

Follow the above-mentioned pointers to have your friends interested in the internet rummy sessions and invite them in your own online rummy circle for a challenge.