Back in 1920 when New Era began, baseball caps belonged in one place—on the baseball diamond. Now, nearly 100 years later the baseball cap is the first choice in headgear, worn in sports, fashion, and branding ubiquitously.

The climate is competitive and the pain is real. And that’s exactly why so many business owners choose custom New Era caps to use as part of their company uniforms and to use in marketing and promotional campaigns— Custom caps from New Era help their marketing and branding fire on all cylinders.

Why San Diego Businesses Use New Era Custom Caps As A Marketing Tool

Here are some reasons why San Diego businesses use affordable custom New Era caps in their marketing.

Street Cred

You can’t buy street cred. You have to earn it. As one of the fasted growing urban fashion brands popular with everyone from music icons to sports superstars, custom New Era ball caps have street cred that is impossible to deny, or match. When used in marketing, that street cred infuses the brand.

Back up Your Brand with Feelings of Authenticity

Because New Era caps have been around so long, they have earned a much deserved reputation for authenticity. It gives any brand that “real deal” feel that is so difficult to capture.

Immediately Recognizable

New Era caps are so sought after that they are immediately recognizable by those who know their caps as one of the most iconic brands in ball caps, christening your brand with instant coolness. Even for those who may not know or follow the cap scene as a fashion statement will recognize the stand-out quality and design, giving your marketing and branding an added push.


Another important reason top businesses opt in to custom caps as part of their marketing campaign is that they are functional as well as popular. A great cap serves a useful purpose as part of a uniform and in fashion and daily wear, which gives your brand a ton of practical mileage. People use caps in their daily lives and more importantly, wear them around others!


Every business must consider how to spend their marketing dollar, so affordable options are a must. Custom caps are durable, lasting and one of the most economical choices available, and an even more economical choice when purchased in bulk. Easily branded with logos, the custom cap continues to deliver value well after the initial expense.

Custom Caps Increasingly Popular

Few things have had the staying power and universal appeal as custom caps. While many trends come and quickly go, the ball cap came and has become part of our collective culture, on the field and off. Their popularity stays strong right alongside emerging trends and is appealing across all market bases. Few other marketing options can make that claim.

Mobile Media

Ball caps have nearly unlimited as mobile media. A stylish cap is going to get worn, and in many cases it will get worn daily and go places you never thought of going. Custom caps market to a target audience you may never have reached otherwise. Those caps will get attention and create impressions wherever the wearer goes, creating a wealth of value.

Highly Desirable

Another important aspect of custom caps is their collectability and desirability. Not only do people take notice of a well-designed ball cap, they want it too. When used in promotional giveaways, buying incentives, or as prizes, the caps bleed into community and make impressions on your target audience. You can also create attention by having more than one design, making each one more collectable and desirable by virtue of the scarcity.

San Diego businesses that are serious about marketing have many elements to consider. Probably the most important reason successful businesses chose custom New Era caps as their marketing go-to is something less measurable than the reasons we already mentioned. Custom caps are not just a matter of fashion or branding. They are part of our cultural being. No matter who wears them, whether the brim is bent or cocked to the side or worn with a uniform or with a pair of $200 jeans, caps evoke a feeling, spark a memory, inspire action, and unite a crowd. Custom caps are one of the few things that belong to a collective history to which everyone is someway can relate. You just can’t get better than economical custom New Era caps in San Diego marketing options.

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