Millions of people have iPad tablets and we often see them carry the slim device in stores, offices and other places. However, many people think that the tablet is too big for an iPhone replacement and too small for a computer. It is true that Apple has released the iPad Mini, but this article focuses on the bigger, original iPad with 9.7-inch display. In general, the Apple iPad is great for playing movies and showing images. The large display allows us to show off our family photos for hours. Running HD movies on our lap during an airplane ride will be very easy to do. The near zero-wait time is also that could appeal to many computer users.

Apps will be opened very quickly and web pages are displayed quickly on Safari browser. In many cases, we don’t have to wait for the iPad, because it will wait for us. This could be achieved because the hardware and software for the iPad are integrated really well. There are many so many apps in the App Store, it would take us a life time to try them all, because thousands are being added each day. Apple filters and evaluates apps that are published on its store, ensuring a rich experience for users. Apple iPad is also known for its great maps and looking for navigation information is very easy.

We will be able to look for friends who use iOS devices on the map. Accessing street view on the iPad could feel very impressive. The iPad includes various features, such as GPS connectivity that could pick up our current location. There are terrain, road, satellite and hybrid views. The Maps feature should come in handy, if we take the tablet with us, especially if we travel around a lot. However, there’s nothing perfect and there are still a few bad things about the iPad. Although the iPad has one of the smoothest onscreen keyboard, it still won’t replace real physical keyboards. Although we could enter text relatively quickly with the keyboard, typing on real keyboard is still better. Alternatively, we could purchase an external keyboard. Like any tablet, the Apple iPad has mediocre speakers and they are obviously not for audiophiles. However, it is also possible to connect to external stereo speakers.

In general, it is not really advisable to replace our laptop with an iPad. Laptops are essentially true personal computers in a mobile form. They could support multiple software that are available only for Windows or Mac OS X. The most common practice is to use the iPad to complement laptops and desktops. In addition, not many computer users require touchscreen displays and owners of laptops with touch functionality would say that they touch their laptops quite rarely. Although many games in the iPad are very exciting and entertaining, they still can’t beat computer games in terms of complexity.