Banners take on many different forms, from exhibition stands to pop up banners, personalised banners, pull up banners, and more. But when it comes to available banner materials, PVC has always been the ultimate best choice. Why is this so? Aside from being incredibly affordable, PVC banners are versatile and attractive as well. So what should you know about PVC banners, and why are they your best choice for banner material? Here’s why it’s best to opt for PVC as a material for your banners.

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor use

Whether you are planning to use your banner inside an exhibition hall or in a trade show or are thinking of placing it on the street or anywhere else outdoors, a PVC banner is a great choice. PVC is extremely tough and strong, and, unlike other materials such as fabric or cloth or even paper, PVC can literally last for years. As a material, PVC can withstand different weather conditions, whether it’s rain, sleet, snow, or wind.

Versatility in printing

Some materials, like cloth or fabric, can only take a certain way or method of printing (often traditional). But this is not the case with PVC banners, which can take on a variety of printing methods and colours, especially when it comes to digital printing. What you have as a result is a great-looking, vibrant and colourful banner which is sure to attract the crowd.

Easy use and transport

Most banner printing services will provide you with a specially-made carry case in order for you to easily carry and transport your banner from one location to another. The case also allows your banner to last longer, as it is protected at all times when not in use. And, of course, setting up your PVC banner is easy as well – eyelets and hemming are also often supplied by the banner printing service, which makes for faster and stronger installation. If you have the right tools, your PVC banner can be set up within minutes.

A variety of sizes

PVC banners also come in different shapes and sizes, so whatever it is you need, you can be sure to get it. The standard size for a PVC banner is 2 feet by 4 feet (.6 metres by 1.2 metres), but you can choose to have a PVC banner size as big as 8 feet by 20 feet (2.4 metres by 6 metres). Aside from varying sizes, you can also choose other, specially-made PVC banners with meshing (perfect for use in areas with high winds) or even innovative PVC banners which are actually biodegradable – meaning they are environmentally-friendly.

When choosing an indoor or outdoor banner printing service, however, make sure they can provide you with high quality printing, with a guarantee that the print will not fade.