When it comes to our possessions, most of us are understandably protective. This is especially true if the said items have been with us for a long time, have a certain sentimental value, or have a high monetary value. So when you are looking for a self storage facility for whatever reason – whether you are in the midst of a move and would like to store certain items for a period of time or you just don’t have additional space in your home or office for particular items and would like to keep them somewhere safe – you need to be able to choose a facility that can give you exactly what you need. Let’s have a look at how to select the best self storage facility for your needs.

The location

The location is often an important factor for most of us when we are looking for a self storage facility. After all, you would want the facility to be near enough to where you live or work so you can easily visit the site and check your items when necessary. Also, it would be a good idea to look for a location that is easily accessible from major motorways. The environment or neighbourhood surrounding the facility should also be clean and safe, as you would want the likelihood of burglaries and vandalism to be minimised.


Needless to say, the security of the self storage facility is a deciding factor as well. This is especially true if you have valuable items or items which are rare. If you are planning to visit the site first, check for various security features, such as alarm systems, CCTV systems, good fencing, and more. Additionally, check if there is a person on the premises at all times, or, if not, if the facility has its own special alarm system directly connected to a security service or patrol.


The features of the self storage facility also count for a lot. So what features should you look for? First, check the cleanliness of the facility and the units. Is the facility well-kept? What about the lighting? It would be good if the facility has ample lighting, especially in each storage unit. If you have sensitive or delicate items, you may also want to look for facilities which offer de-humidified units for better protection for your items.


You have two basic options when it comes to insuring your items: you can avail of a renter’s policy or homeowner’s insurance which can cover the possessions you are planning on putting on storage. Alternatively, you can ask the self storage facility if they can provide you with insurance for your items as well, as self storage Gloucester professionals from Advanced Removals & Storage suggest.