Industrial workers are exposed to hot, humid working conditions almost on a regular basis. People working in specific industries such as petrochemicals are exposed to severe heat while working in indoor operations. While working indoors, workers have to wear heavy, protective apparels even in hot, humid conditions. Without having access to fluids, workers will feel dehydrated, which is the major reason for heat illness. Therefore, having a steady intake of electrolyte fluids such as Gatorade and Sqwincher is essential. These supplements are scientifically formulated to keep workers hydrated throughout the day, and help them work in the toughest of work conditions.

Daily exposure to the hot work environment is the major reason behind many types of heat-related disorders. Even after making two hours of normal work, workers might start feeling the initial stage of heat stress. Within an hour, they will start to lose their energy, concentration and strength. If things go worst, heat stress may lead to unconsciousness. Industrial work has a heavy impact on the body as well as the mind. They need some types of drink to help them keep working. Sqwincher has been developed  just for this purpose. Its solutions help workers to rehydrate and recover the much-needed energy and focus required to accomplish their work. Also learn about Addiction.

The human body needs fluids to control temperature and also maintain muscle functions. Replacing body fluids that are lost through sweating is, therefore, must for keeping a check on heat stress. Physiologists state that the ingestion of fluids reduces the rise in body temperature by promoting higher skin blood flow. By maintaining a steady intake of electrolyte fluids like Gatorade every 20-25 minutes, workers can maintain a sufficient amount of hydration. Gatorade is a good source of sodium and glucose. Sodium plays an effective role in minimizing urination. As a result, the cardiovascular  system faces less stress and the chances of heat-related illnesses, and injuries go down.

There are a number of steps that industrial workers should follow to remain hydration. They should drink before, during and after physical labor in order to replace the fluids they lose through sweating. To make sure that their bodies remain properly hydrated, workers should drink 5 to 7 ounces of fluids every 15 minutes. They should maintain individual containers of electrolyte fluids within their reach at their workplace.

Use of communal drinking containers should be avoided. Health experts recommend people to have cool water. This is because the body absorbs it more quickly in comparison to cold or warm fluids. Drinks such as Gatorade can help workers to avoid heat cramps that can occur even several hours after working. Coffee, soda or tea need to be avoided as they act as diuretics which depletes fluids from the body.

If workers are properly hydrated, they will be in good physical shape, and they will be able to enhance their efficiency, as well as productivity even in the most difficult working conditions. As a result, the day to day work won’t be hampered due to heat-related stress.

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