Long before the celebrities and well-heeled made day spas, weekend spas and weeklong spa getaways the trendy place to go to unwind and relax, many fitness fanatics already knew of the wonders of spas or hot tubs. Ask any fitness fanatic whose life revolves around exercise what their exercise regime involves and you will be stunned by the level of commitment these people have to exercise. It is not unusual to find these people spending half of their waking moment at work and the other half in the gym or pool working out at high intensity.

Such commitment to exercise is commendable and no doubt makes them feel good about themselves because of the endorphins released by the body which puts them on a high and gives them a positive outlook. However, exercising at such high levels for prolonged periods can also cause muscle fatigue and soreness, resulting in aches and pains.

The mantra for these people is “no pain, no gain.”These fitness fanatics often end their workout regime with 20 minutes in the hot tub because they know that the combination of hot water and bubbles will massage and soothe away their aches and pain and help them to relax and be ready for another onslaught of exercise the next day. Such is the magical wonders of hot tubs Sydney.

What are the Health Benefits of using Hot Tubs?

There is no doubt that a soak in a hot tub helps us to relax and soothes our sore muscles and joints; therefore, reduces stress and helps us feel better. According to WebMD, provided hot tubs are kept clean from germs and bacteria that can cause illness, there are some health benefits to using hot tubs, such as providing lymphatic draining massage which returns fluids back into circulation in the body in areas of swelling caused by surgery (provided the patient does not have active infection or inflammation, blood clots, congestive heart failure or cancer).

Why Hot Tubs Make Great Presents For The One You Love

Are All Hot Tubs the Same?

No, not all hot tubs are the same. Some of the things to consider when shopping for a hot tub are:

  • is it for indoor or outdoor use?
  • do you want an outdoor hot tub that you can share with guests (e.g. one that is big enough to hold seven adults) and that has loungers for two people to lie on if using on your own or will a small tight-fit one suffice?
  • is the hot tub’s outer layer shell made of material that provides optimal strength and protection (because the outer shell is something that cannot be replaced in a hot tub)?
  • how many rotating, directional stainless steel air jets (not just water jets) are included in the price and are they placed strategically across the body for an overall massage or just concentrated on one section of the body?
  • can the jet pressure be easily controlled and can the water features be adjusted to preference?
  • does the hot tub have optimal temperature control and is it designed for overall comfort and relaxation?
  • does the outdoor hot tub have an aromatherapy option that will create aromatic bubbles?
  • does the hot tub clean itself (i.e. does it need refilling after each clean or is the water recycled)?
  • does it come with an ozone filtration option which reduces the need for sanitizers and chemical disinfectants?

Why Hot Tubs Make Great Presents For The One You Love

Proponents of hot tubs swear that regular use of hot tubs is good for health because it relaxes us and helps us sleep better. This in turn leads to better mental and physical health and fewer sick days. Others believe that the bubbles caress and body and act like a massage and as such, provide the physical contact and touch that is necessary for a person’s well-being.

Whatever the reason, there is no denying the pampering, soothing and relaxing nature of soaking in a hot tub. How nice to have your very own hot tub in the comfort of your home, which you can use at any time as often as you like. Nothing says “I love you” more than being able to help a loved one de-stress and relax at the end of a long workout or long day at work. Wouldn’t a hot tub be a nice Christmas, birthday or anniversary present for that loved one?