There is no denying that good marketing makes significant part of any business’s success story. We would argue that it probably plays the major part because no matter how your company may be good at what it does, it cannot thrive if people are not aware of its presence. When you take into consideration this and the fact that one picture is worth a thousand words, you will easily conclude that your company needs some kind of eye-catching advertising solution to reach mass exposure. Here are five ideas that will help you to effectively market your brand to masses.

  1. Billboard Advertising

Being placed beside traffic roads, billboards are destined to be seen by very large amount of people. Will they draw attention and spark some interest, is entirely different story. There are several ways to make your billboard stand out amongst competition. One would be through simplicity and high contrasting colors, which are instantly appealing and easily understandable. Other is completely opposite and it would require as much content speaking about your brand as possible, but organized in cohesive and clear manner. Still, the most effective way of using billboard is by incorporating it into its surrounding to tell a unique story about your brand.

  1. Redecorating the Windows of Your On-Site Stores

Window marketing is as old as the stores themselves, but that doesn’t mean that it is always utilized in the most effective way. So, instead of filling the storefront windows with excessive and unnecessary info, you should strive for less, and keep bare minimum of text needed for telling one understandable story. The rest of your unique window graphics should be consistent of vibrant colors, and images that should accompany the story you trying to tell. If you manage to include indoor elements in the whole picture, you will create something really unique and creative.

  1. Street Art

Everyone loves interesting street art, period. How will you use it, however, will narrow the market you are targeting. Urban, graffiti art will, naturally, be more appealing to younger demographics. More conservative approach will push the buttons of the somewhat older audience. Finally, there is the 3D street art. It may require the most effort, but it also tends to draw the most attention and online buzz. Keep in mind, though, that no matter which of these approaches you take, street art should not stray too much from your brand’s overall visual language.

  1. Overhauling Your Premises

Why would you be satisfied with small details, when you can use your entire premises to stand out? Because you have so much space on your disposal, you can tell very compelling “before and after” stories, or make imaginary windows that would allow spectators to peak into the essence of your brand. If you manage to pull this off the right way, you can create an interesting landmark that can become brand of its own.

  1. Public Transport

Putting your brand on the public transport is another way to quickly reach wider audience, but as with the previous examples we gave you, how successful your marketing campaign will be depends of how smart you will use the public transport. Take the marketing campaign for the movie Godzilla (1998) which included buses with the inscription “His foot is as long as this bus” as a very positive example of this particular kind of marketing.

If you use some of the ideas we gave you, or even all of them (in that case be sure that visual messages complement each other, instead of fighting for attention), you are surely going to draw many looks and invite large amount of curious customers to your stores. Will they return, though, depends entirely on the very quality of your product or service.