In today’s society, where everything is readily available to us, there are still some people who are lacking behind. This, in turn, is affecting their earnings. The importance of an ATM machine in a gas station or in a convenience store is has been a talk of the nation for a long period of time and also, its effectiveness is now proven. The best part of these machines is that they are not only money vending machines for the people who take out money from them but they are also money machines for the store owners who own them. Also, another interesting fact about these machines is that the store owners don’t need to do or pay much to get them installed.

ATM Machines are a Must for Your Business

Whenever a person takes out cash from an ATM, the owner of the machine earns a surcharge amount. Also, the amount solely belongs to the ATM owner and he can use the same in anything he wants to. There is another way by which the ATM owner can earn money. Through the increased sales of the store, the owner gets benefitted heavily. It is a proven fact that the customers usually spend almost 25% more in the stores which has an ATM than the ones who visit non-ATM stores. So, in case you own a convenience store, you are likely to get a lot of visit from customers every single day. Once you have installed an ATM machine in your store, you can easily make more profits.

Why Do You Need An ATM Machine In Your Store?

Unparalleled Benefits of Installing ATMs

Convenience stores are always hugely benefitted by installing an ATM in the stores. Whenever a customer walks into the store, he/she will definitely buy something and if not that, they will end up withdrawing funds from the ATM. Both the ways, the owner gets benefitted. Also, there is very less chance that the customers will pay by credit or debit cards. This way, the owner can save on the credit card processing fees also. Quoting the owner of Super Stop Ron Coolidge, “Operating a convenience store, we certainly could not live without an ATM. People come to use the ATM and end up spending more money in our store. Before we had one, we lost many customers to a competitor up the street.

An Enhanced Foot Traffic

If you have an ATM in your store and if you have publicized it well, more people will come to visit your store. If your store is the only one in the street with a cash vending machine, you will have enhanced foot fall. Not only for buying stuff from your store but people will visit you simply for withdrawing cash as well.

Huge Surcharge Returns

When you have an ATM in your store, you will set a specific transaction fee which the customers will pay when they will use it. You will receive this fee directly and hence, this will give your business some revenue boost as well. This way, you will earn something extra as well.

Customer Retention

When a customer enters your shop to buy something but falls short of cash, he/she can easily use the in-store ATM and complete the purchase. However, when you do not have an ATM in store, the customer will leave the store in search of an ATM and might not even come back. This way, installing an ATM in the convenience store is a great way to retain customers.

Keeping in mind the above mentioned aspects, it is now time for you to think positively about installing an ATM in your convenience store. Start searching for the most reputed ATM business in the US and they will take care of everything else.