Thinking of choosing adoption after your baby is born? This decision is likely the biggest you’ll ever make and, understandably, comes with many questions and emotions. As you make the final decision, it can be helpful to consider why every adoption is a miracle. Here are some reasons why adoption has been an excellent choice for many birth mothers and why it’s a miracle for all involved.

Why Every Adoption Is A Miracle

Reducing Anxiety

Finalizing your decision to choose adoption can reduce much of the anxiety you may be feeling during your pregnancy. Not knowing what the future holds can bring many emotions including worry, anxiety, sadness and fear. Solidifying your adoption decision can provide a plan to move forward as well as a positive direction.

Also, using an working to choose the best adoptive parents, you can reduce the anxiety you may be feeling about the baby’s future. Having control over which parents will adopt your baby allows you to set the best course for the years to come.

Accepting Uncertainty

Every adoption is a miracle, but it’s OK for you to feel uncertainty regarding this course of action. Uncertainty is a natural feeling as you move through the final stages of pregnancy before the adoption. Right now, you likely aren’t sure what to expect during the birth process and during the days following the birth before you finalize the adoption.

It’s natural to feel these things, but you should also have a trusted team of friends, family and adoption professionals by your side to help reduce your anxiety. Having a trusted team by your side can help reassure you that this is the best and wisest course of action based on your circumstances.

Feeling Hope and Pride

According to Your Are Not Giving Up When you Give Your Baby Up for Adoption, choosing adoption can be one of your proudest moments as a birth mother. Accepting that adoption will provide the best future for your baby takes a lot of courage, and you should feel proud that you had the courage to make this decision. You can also begin to feel a sense of hope in knowing that the adoptive parents will be providing a beautiful home for the baby.

Giving a Miracle

The adoptive parents that you choose for your baby have likely dreamt of this moment for many years. Whether the couple has dealt with infertility or has been led to adopting in another way, your baby is truly a miracle for them. Again, as you finalize the adoption, take a moment to accept the pride that comes with providing such a miracle to the adoptive couple.

Every adoption is a miracle for birth parents and adoptive parents. By choosing adoption, you’re giving your baby the gift of a great future and are giving the adoptive parents a gift that they’ve long dreamt of.