Nowadays your employees need to be aware of just how important your brand is and how exactly they should be representing your company on a day to day basis. We are talking about business etiquette and this hidden set of values could make or break your efforts in the flash of an eye. Thankfully these skills can be learnt and there are a number of business etiquette training specialists who will offer serious returns on your original investment.

Here we look at 3 vital areas where your work force can shine and outperform your nearest rivals in a way that spells success for your business no matter whatever industry sector you work within.

Phone Etiquette Training

The way that your employees answer the phone and the first 5 seconds of the subsequent dialogue are key to how your potential customers form an opinion of your brand. If the call is answered in a sloppy way and fails to engage the caller, you will be throwing new business away on a regular basis. By exposing your staff to the correct phone etiquette training you can ensure that this will not be an area of concern. By looking closely at their phone etiquette habits and making the necessary tweaks, each phone call experience will soon be a positive one. Challenging phone calls will be seen as opportunities to excel and even problematic callers can become loyal customers if dealt with in the appropriate manner.

Why Business Etiquette Training Is Vital Today

International Etiquette Training

Today more than ever we are crossing international borders in business, failing to prepare for the cross-cultural demands is something that could cost your business dearly. International etiquette training will allow your staff to become familiar with the cultural practices of other countries and your international client base will improve as a result of this exposure. You may be surprised to learn how different best practices can be in other countries and by getting to grips with this variable can only be a positive progression for your workforce.

Trade show Etiquette

Trade shows are a massive opportunity to reach out to current and potential customers. But are your staff equipped with the necessary tools to represent your brand in the very best light possible? They need to learn how to get involved and engage with their audience in a way that sets your own stand apart from your competition. These skills are vital and by choosing the correct training resources for your staff, you can be sure that they will be able to step up to the plate on the big day. By learning how to make the very best introductions and how to work the room, your brand will soon be the name on the lips of those in attendance. Your sales will go through the roof and your nearest rivals will be left well behind.

These are just 3 examples of why and how business etiquette is not only vital but also a transferrable skillset that will work on many different levels within your business.

Harry Price is a freelance writer from the south coast.  He lives with his wife and 3 dogs.  They all enjoy long coastal walks, especially on a wet and windy day.