Just like any portable device, our smartwatch could hit against something when we swing our arm. So, unlike when using a cheap, normal wristwatch, we would be more careful when using a smartwatch, but accident will eventually happen. In this case, we shouldn’t wear something that could become a burden. In fact, we should be sure that our smartwatch could be more durable than a standard smartphone. In fact, some smartwatches are built like a tank and we could subject it numerous abuse without causing significant damage. Even so, other models can be quite fragile and it could be challenging to keep the smartwatch intact after a few months of use. In general, we should make sure that our smartwatch is quite shock proof.

This would mean that dropping the watch shouldn’t mean the end of it. There are some basic design elements that smartwatches should have to make them more durable. The device should be able to easily withstand some hits and impacts won’t cause a scratch. Some models have body with anodized aluminium surface that looks good and bright. However, the coating can be scratched quite easily compared to standard stainless steel surface. Even so, real metal elements placed on specific areas could interfere with signals, so there should be appropriate combinations of composite materials, strengthened glass and stainless steel. This will ensure good WiFi and Bluetooth connection, while keeping the weight down and maintaining the overall structural integrity. Water resistance is another element that we need to examine.

Occasionally, our watch will be slightly wet when we wash our hand in the sink. This shouldn’t be something that could damage our smartwatch. Also, unexpected rain could catch us off guard and this shouldn’t be a situation that renders our gadget useless. Although there are some low-entry models in the market, smartwatches aren’t exactly cheap and it would be a big disappointment to see our smartwatch stop working, because it is slightly wet. However, there are some heavy-duty smartwatch that can actually survive a dive. These models could be used during snorkelling at the beach and their water-resistance status isn’t limited only to being splash-proof. Although we may not have a plan to swim with our smartwatch, casual users can choose these models if they want something that’s longer-lasting.

In this case, we won’t be too worried when we want to wash our hands. In fact, if we actually need to swim with the watch, we shouldn’t be too worried about it. Water-proof smartwatches shouldn’t only have durable chassis, it is important for them to be equipped with hydrophobic coating that repels moisture from entering the interior. Watchmakers should also add enough protection for the microphones, ports, slots and speakers, so the water-resistant capabilities won’t be compromised.

Choosing a durable smartwatch means that our device would stay operational longer and we don’t need to be worried by accidental damages. Smartwatch are actually one of the most easily damaged devices, due to its near-constant usage.