The most profound practicality of a Ute is its ability to carry and store a large load. However, as has been pointed out by tradespeople and outdoors men alike, there is one fundamental flaw in the design – and that’s the fact that components are continuously exposed to the elements. As Australians, we understand how wild the weather can be, and as such, a number of solutions have been designed in order to combat this one, often detrimental issue.

Why All Aussie Utes Need A Car Canopy

A cover may be the obvious solution, however, with copious options available to choose from, such as roll tops, tonneaus, and solid lids, how do we know we’re making the right purchase? Well, forget all of those. Because we’re here to tell you, the best in Ute protection is in car canopies.


Canopies are the ideal choice for serious Ute owners who want the flexibility of using their vehicle for both work and play. Canopies allow you to haul your work gear, such as tools and other equipment from Monday to Friday, whilst giving you the ability to throw in your recreational gear and head off camping on the weekend. Combined with generous space, and a secure, weather proof exterior, roll tops, tonneaus, and solid lids and simply don’t compete.

What’s more, car canopies are available in a wide choice of materials, designed for both pick-ups and cab chassis, and can be colour coded to blend seamlessly with the overall look of your vehicle. Various companies provide car canopies Australia, with a ready-made range for various Ute types including the Toyota Hilux, Mitsubishi Triton, VW AMARK, and Isuzu DMAX. Moreover, each of their products are made from aluminum, titanium and fiberglass and can be custom made to suit almost any vehicle type, depending on your tastes and preferences. Finally, each canopy can be colour coded to match your vehicle, even enhancing its appearance in many circumstances.

Standard features of car canopies which are not limited too are :

  • A smooth, high gloss finish that’s colour matched to suit your vehicle
  • An Aerodynamic design
  • Frame less tailgate with slam-lock automotive
  • Triple lock system for increased security
  • 6-point clamp system
  • Integrated & molded roof spoiler
  • Side slide windows
  • Built-in drainage for rain channels

As well as adding extra storage space, and protecting your Ute from the often harsh climatic conditions in Australia, car canopies also do a great justice in defending the contents of your vehicle from theft or vandalism. With robust fiberglass, aluminum or titanium shells with sliding, lockable windows, those wishing to break into your Ute will encounter extreme difficulty. For tradespeople, this is especially important as they often carry very expensive, often irreplaceable, tools and equipment.

Finally, car canopies are great for those who enjoy camping, as the shells make for a fantastic roof-top tent.

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