Best bed sheets are the demand of every home and mentioned below are the guidelines on how to purchase bed sheets and the ways of taking care of them. When you start shopping for these, you have to bear in mind a few points.

Tips To Buy Linen Sheets and Take Care Of Them

  • Size: This is the first and foremost important thing. You must make sure that you have the exact bed size in your intellect. Never should you end up buying a bed sheet not fitting your bed. Beds are mostly of standard measurements and quite easily you can find such sheets for beds of king size, standard double bed, etc.
  • Color and Design: As per your rooms’ décor, you must opt for a color and design that ought to be gelling with your room environment. Beyond subtle and pastel shades, bright colors have become trend now-a-days. The choice is widely available from floral prints, geometric designs or cartoon prints for kids when you go to buy linen sheets.
  • Fabric: This is the next following step. At the time of selection of a fabric, you have to take into account the allergies as well as relief. You must opt for a fabric that does not cause allergy to anybody and even provide immense comfort. A fabric that is slippery does not sound sensible despite it being good looking. Organic cotton, flannel, cotton, satin, polyester, silk, etc. are some of the options you can select from. You must even be sure of the shrinkage possibility of the fabric too.
  • Thread Count: This is another important thing that is noteworthy. Lower thread count sheets are uncomfortable quite a lot. You must opt for one having a higher thread count since it is going to have a lot of softness. Decent quality bed sheet is obtainable with a thread count of 200 to 300.
  • Conditions of weather: This ought to be also picked as per the seasons experienced by your city. To illustrate, the ideal one could be warmer fabric like winter flannel.

Caring for the Bed Sheets

  • Give them a wash as per the attached label’s instructions. Read the label carefully and use desirableness method along with the prescribed detergent that is not harmful to the bed linens fabric. For further softening of the sheets, you may use the helpful agent of fabric softener.
  • The colored one loses their color, sometimes subject to harsh detergents and hot water. Therefore, you have to take precautions along with the usage of mild detergents as well as cold water for washing the bed sheets.
  • Proper storage of the bed sheets is requisite in the properly folded area of line storage. This is followed by proper ventilation of the storage and if not, they will lose their freshness in the closet and are possibly bound to stink.
  • There ought to be proper following of the instructions prior to ironing of the bed sheets otherwise the textures can be ruined by the hot iron.
  • Do not bring food around the sheets since stains so smudged are not easily removable.
  • It is not advisable to wash very often. Fix a specific interval for wash and then go ahead.