The need for washing your car is important for many reasons. Not only will it make your car look nice, but it can make the need for certain repairs and maintenance much less. Driving a car exposes it to many elements in the environment, which can damage the paint and even cause the person driving to have low visibility. This is especially true during the winter months when snow accumulates and salt is put on the roads to get rid of hazards. When it is cold outside, a person will most likely only clean off the areas they feel are needed to be able to see while driving, however having a lot of snow on your car can make it harder for others to see you. Also, having salt on your car can damage the paint and cause rust. This is why it important to regularly wash your vehicle. Which way is best to wash your car though?

Drive-Through Car Wash

Many people will opt to use a drive-through motorized car wash. This can save time and doesn’t require you to do the work. There are things to consider, before using this kind of car wash. The machine will wash cars all day long, which can damage the equipment. This can cause the equipment to damage your vehicle. If you find yourself, too busy to have time to wash your car, this type of car wash can be the best option. If the brushes concern you, there are also different types of drive-through car washes that offer a brushless option.

Laser Car Wash

A new concept in car washing, the laser car wash is done with advanced technology and doesn’t require anything touching your car. It costs about the same as any other type of wash and uses a high pressured laser to complete the job. It will rinse your car and even polish it after, and best of all, no brushes to cause damage.

Waterless Car Wash

A waterless car wash sounds funny right? How do you wash a car with no water? These types of car washes are ideal for places that are experiencing a drought and are limited to the amount of water they are able to use. The process involves using different products that will get rid of the dirt and they are then wiped off, instead of rinsing them to the ground. There is no noise involved and you will not have to worry about water spots afterwards.

Hand Wash

A hand wash can prove to be very effective when washing your car, as a person can reach all of the spots and machine cannot. You will not have to worry about damage caused by brushes and you will also be able to notice any areas that may need attention with maintenance. Also, hand drying can prevent water spots as well.

All of these car washes have their own benefits and deciding on which one to use will depend on you and how you want your car to be cleaned. Whichever route you choose to take, remember that a regularly cleaned car will last longer and will likely need less maintenance.