The capital of Croatia abounds with interesting establishments of tasty and healthy food, offering the wide choice of dishes. In general, the cuisine is local – Croatian, with light Italian features. As a matter of fact, the mix of cuisines makes the taste better, gaining the hearts of all tourists. It is difficult to find a bad restaurant in Zagreb. Traditionally, the food is equally tasty. The local restaurants are friendly and hospitable, oppressing you with the fantastic choice of seafood and fish, attractive prices and special compliments.


The family restaurants, where the big Croatian families work, are very popular. They do care of their reputation, working with pleasure. Their pleasant surprises and hospitable talks make you to come back again and again: high-class service, individual attention, liberality. Croatian restaurants differ from the rest of others with special attitude to their clients. You feel like a kingship: it seems that you are the first and the last visitor in the restaurant. This is a real art, going to kids from their parents. It is a significant point to do business.

What a big surprise! The high-class service is not the only one pleasant moment in Zagreb. The dish size is terribly huge. Do not be in a hurry to order as many dishes as possible. It can happen that you are not physically able to eat all of them. As a result, you feel regrets about time, money and over nutrition after-effects.


How much is it to go to the restaurant in Zagreb? The most of tourists are worry about this question. Let’s start with the middle-level restaurants. So, do you want to start your dinner with the glass of good wine? Do you prefer drinking wine with fish delicacies? Thus, the dinner costs about 30-40 $. If you do not drink, the price for visiting restaurant is going to be about 15-20$. You can find a complex dinner for 5 $. Nevertheless, the ritzy dinner of rare fish costs about 200-300 $. Traditionally, everything depends on your choice.

Where To Eat In Zagreb: 6 Popular Restaurants


Are you ready to feel the local colors by tasting real Croatian dishes? Welcome to Katedralis – a good national restaurant in the heart of Croatia. Eating the tasty fish and good wine, you can admire the city interests from the restaurant window. You may stay on the terrace: green, cozy, full of reserved tables. Living in Zagreb, be ready to pay attention to small things: interior, price level.


The next worthy restaurant of national cuisine is Trilogija. The most interesting feature of this restaurant is missing menu. The creative and talented chief cooks something special according to his taste every day. Moreover, he buys all products on his own on the nearest market. So, if the traditional restaurant makes you to feel bored, try something surprising and unexpected. Have a visit to Trilogija. As a rule, the chief offers the combination of 4-5 dishes of small portions. Of course, the king dish is fish. Nevertheless, the price for your dinner is also surprising: you did not see menu and you know nothing about prices for one or another dish.

So, if your budget is limited, you should inform waiter about the budget you are going to spend. The atmosphere is attractive. The restaurant is always full of guests, ready to get the dinner at random. Catch the spirit!

Restaurant Cuvee

Do you like meet? Do you want to try meat in Croatian way? You should go to the best-visiting meat restaurant Restaurant Cuvee. It is said that the tastiest steaks in the city you can try right here, including the fairy of local meat dishes, represented in the wide way. Anyway, if you prefer fish to meat, you can be also surprised. Learn the menu!


So, if you do not like making experiments, but you want to have tasty dinner, try to find a good restaurant of European cuisine. Actually, there are many of them in Zagreb. For example, Tinca – the next loving place for locals. This fashionable cozy eating establishment offers a classical menu, trying to please everyone with perfect service. Tinca is considered to be the worthy eating establishment of European focus. What is interesting, the prices are attractive, assuming the chic interior and high-class service.

Where To Eat In Zagreb: 6 Popular Restaurants


This bright representative of European cuisine is situated at the address Masarykova st, 18. The polite stuffing, tasty dishes, obscured lights make the restaurant perfect. What a good new for tourists: there is a menu-lunch. Making you order from this special menu, you can get a tasty dinner for cheap. Pay attention, Apetit restaurant works 24 hours a day. So, you are welcomed here during the day and night.

Funk Lounge Restaurant

Meet the budget restaurant of European cuisine – Funk Lounge Restaurant. You can have a dinner for 5-10 $ or have a tasty breakfast for 3-4 $. The internet is free. The menu includes mostly vegetarian dishes and traditional Croatian recipes. It looks like gastronomic mix with democratic direction. This restaurant is the brightest example of saving budget during the journey.

Where To Eat In Zagreb: 6 Popular Restaurants

It is really difficult to find the best of the best restaurants in Zagreb. Nevertheless, there are many of them that are worth your special attention. You may get to the restaurant by rental car or public transport. The buses go over the streets from the early morning till late evening. The travellers, who want to visit suburbs, need to go there by taxi or car. You can hire a car in Zagreb. You can also hire a car for the whole day for 30-35$. Of course, the total price depends on your distance.

If you decided to rent car, you will need your driving license and credit card. The total price for rent depends on the car brand and other small preferences. The longer your rental term is the lower is everyday payment. Having car, you will solve the problem of your dinner easily, changing restaurants like a women change clothes.