Sometimes, even when life is great, it can get a little old and predictable. If you want to shake things up a bit but don’t want to take things too far (don’t quit your day job!), try the following apps. These will both brighten up your day and add a little fresh excitement to your life, all from the comfort of your home and in a single tap.

Discover new music

The first thing you can freshen up a little is the soundtrack of your life. If your playlist is way too familiar to enjoy, let your ears hear something new and discover rising artists that will make you seem like a music expert hipster on your next night out with friends. Use apps like Spotify to discover new songs and bands, and don’t forget to keep an open mind. Since music has such a strong influence on our general mood, you will see how listening to new tunes makes life a lot less boring.

Play thrilling games

If you want to add even more excitement to you day, turn to games that are truly thrilling and bring unpredictable and awesome results. Social casino games like 88 fortunes offer a range of free slots for you to choose from, with brand new challenges and missions every day and a world of fun where any great thing can happen. This will not only make you happier, but also healthier, as research finds that gamers decrease the chance of dementia by approximately 30%.

Expand your horizons

Let your mobile phone surprise you with little bits of information after downloading apps that were created to serve this exact purpose. Apps such as Daily Random Facts will fill your day with fun trivia about science, history and anything in between. Keeping your mind fresh and expanding your knowledge is always a good thing, so channel your need for excitement the smart way.

How lucky are we to live in a mobile world? Thanks to this little device, we have access to an endless pool of information and fun that will keep our minds and hearts happy. Make use of your phone to discover and enjoy new activities, people and places and you will make the most of what the mobile experience has to offer. Good luck!