Modern students seem to be having a hard time trying to convince the rest of the world that they are serious about their education. With social media taking over our lives and kids seem more grown up than before, it might seem like it’s true. The thing is, there are many students who are committed to making a success of their lives. There are many myths about modern students making its rounds and it’s time to stop. Here are some of those myths.

All Modern Students Study Full-time

Not all students are able to pay for a full-time education. Many of them have to find jobs and study part-time. This does become a big balancing act for many, but they are still thriving. Having responsibilities other than going to school can be tough. There are also students who have kids who they need to take care of. As much as many believe that the lives of students in these times are easier, it is not necessarily the truth. Students have to work hard and sometimes even harder than those who did so before them.

They don’t Care about Building Language Skills

Sure, all the abbreviated words used in social media chats these days, one might believe that modern students do not care about their language skills. If you were to read some of these students’ essays, you might be surprised that this is not true. Some are paying for a law school personal statement editing service or simply try and do it themselves. If the passing number for students doing well in English drops, it might be a case of education taking a dip. We must be careful to jump to conclusions when it comes to modern day students.

They are always on their Phones Wasting Time

This is surely one of the biggest debates when it comes to modern students. Many of them are always on their phones, but do we really know what they are doing? Students also use their mobile phones to do research and connect with their classmates. It is important for parents to monitor their children’s phones, but we should not assume that they are simply wasting time. The internet has become a big part of our researching process. They could be looking for a personal statement writer for all we know.

Students of Today have Access to All Information

Yes, we are living in times where there has been a lot more research and we are more advanced. This does not necessarily mean that students can just hop onto the internet and find the true facts. Many students still go to the library and use academic books for their research. Not everything on the internet is true and modern students are aware of that. Just because Google says something, does not mean that the student will use it in a research paper. This comes down to knowing that although there is a lot of information out there, students are also smart enough to avoid false information.

Dorm Living for All

Perhaps its television that makes us believe that students live a wild party life in their dorm rooms. Many students do not live on campus and do not have wild parties at home. In fact, the minority of students live in dorm rooms. The campus usually only has a limited number of rooms available and many students have to find alternative accommodation of travel daily from home. There are those students who live in dorm rooms and throw the occasional party, but it is not as intense as we assume. Many students are serious about their education and actually spend their evenings doing homework or studying.

Everyone Wants to be an Artist

There are many students looking for law school personal statement help right now. Not everyone wants to be a singer, actor or YouTube sensation. You will find students are still interested in serious occupations like accounting, law and medicine. They might be fascinated with a lot of the artist out there, but that does not mean that it is a goal of theirs. On the flip side, many of these artists are successful so there is not really anything wrong with wanting to go in that direction.

Education is going Backwards

Just because we can learn information virtually and not go to an actual academic institute, does not mean education is worse off. In fact, it gives a lot more people the opportunity to become qualified. Imagine the student who does not have the money to travel to school every day? Now, with technology, we can educate as many as possible. Education is taking a step in the right direction. The work is not easier at all. Many students have to make alternative plans if they are not accepted into college or university.


There is a lot more research being done these days and much of it is done by modern graduates. This should show us that education is taking a step forward. Students are trying harder to make a success of their lives and should be congratulated and not ridiculed.