Security is a critical factor that every tenant considers before renting a house or apartment, so if you’re a landlord, security should be at the top of your mind, too. Having a professional security system in place is great for tenants, but most importantly, it protects your investment.

Daunts Crime

Properties that have security cameras are more secure than those that do not have. A significant majority of burglars will not attempt to break into an apartment that is under surveillance cameras once they see the discrete signs or stickers placed on windows and doors. These signs notify strangers that the building is under surveillance.

Attracts Long-term Tenants

Long-term tenants specifically look for properties that they feel will enable them to rear their children in a secure environment. Those with higher incomes and more responsible mindsets are also more likely to be attracted by this marketable feature. If you aren’t already, indicate that you have installed security systems in your vacant property listings. As a bonus, tenants are willing to pay more for professional security, which means you can reasonably charge more rent.

Real-time Monitoring

Your rental property is a valuable asset. Security systems allow you to monitor it 24/7, keeping a close eye on your amenities without intruding on your tenants’ privacy. You can use this monitoring to see damages, misuse of water, and anything else you want to keep an eye on. You will better get to know the type of people who are renting your property, which empowers you to manage them more effectively.

Notifies You in Case of Fire

A fire outbreak can damage your property and burn down the belongings of your tenants. Many modern security systems have a built-in feature to automatically notify the local fire department to manage the situation. Immediate alerts mean faster response time from first responders, which means the fire will be less likely to do critical damage to the property.

Provides Visual Evidence

When criminals try to break into your property, the security system control panel will alert its monitoring station — for example, if you have an ADT security system, features like ADT Pulse can alert you immediately, and then alert the monitoring station for backup. Additionally, cameras can provide visual evidence of the incident, which will help police perform their investigation efficiently. Furthermore, if you have insured your property (which you should have), a security system will provide a proof of an accident or incident. The evidence will help you fight for compensation.

Having security systems in place on your rentals helps prevent crime, attracts better tenants, helps you take better care of your property, and empowers you to defend it if the need arises. If you don’t have one in place yet, hop to it!