In this traditional life Studies became full of competition.  It’s not that easy to success in this generation. Why students get good grades in High school but not in their college. What are the main reasons they are lacking Behind in College life. Is there a way to put you in good control?

Make you Study Interesting

Listening to class in a Logical way will not give you motivation in studies. If you think that i should study hard in some good university and get some good job, etc, it’s really sounds hard; this will not interest you at that. Make your study like the events you see and the favourite thing you watch.  Write you class notes assuming you are a great poet. Take some examples on your studies which you can logically remember things. Each and every person has something he loves. Pretend that imagination of love in your concept of studying. This kind of studying make thing remember easily.


In the class you need to have good concentration at you Teacher. Never be nervous to ask your doubts if you are having in your min. saying. After All you need to have good accommodation at your home too. Parents will never disappoint children.  If you ask them to give which is related to studies?

Try to have separate room which don’t have Television other music system any other entertainment things around you. Because when you have these things around, you cannot concentrate on your studies and go further. Everything has its own time.  Make sure you have calm weather in your room.

Special Studies.

Never ignore special studies which are conducted during exams. College/school Faculty with have their special interest during exams that moment. Most of students will ignore their studies at the same time. Sometimes even Brilliant student also ignore their these Special studies.

Neighbour And You’re Surrounding Friends.

A simple meaning if you find a brilliant student around you, he makes friends with only well and good people. Naturally he will gain some good things from them and goes peacefully forward. Students who spoil their life in colleges are only one reason, because of making friendship with culprits’ students and encouraging them.

Always have good friends who are really educated. Learn something from them, if this happen your friend will be your love of god further.