Spot welding is the process of joining two pieces of metal together by welding at a particular spot. They are joined through the help of heat that is obtained through heat which is generated through the pressure of electrodes. The process uses two copper alloy electrodes to concentrate the current into a small spot to ‘clamp’ the sheets together at the chosen spot. The amount of time it takes for the piece of metal to be joined will depend on the thickness of the metal.

What Is Spot Welding And What Are The Benefits

What can spot welding be used for

Spot welding is a very popular process in the automobile manufacturing industry where it is used to weld the sheet metal that forms the exterior of a car. In larger factories, spot welders are completely automated on assembly lines with many welders being robotic. Spot welding can also be using in the manufacture of other sheet metal goods as well as the construction of pulleys.

The process is also used in dental prosthesis where small scale spot welding is used for items such as braces and retainers. As well as exterior car bodies, spot welding can be used to join metal to create brackets, cabinets and other sheet metal assemblies.

What are the advantages of spot welding?

Spot welding is considered a fast process since a large amount of current is produced in such a short time. This means that it is very easy to produce reliable welds without the entire sheet being affected through efficient control. Spot welding can also be performed through robots (Though this is easier for large scale assembly lines) or portable welding machines. There is also a low risk of work deformation due to the precession used to focus on one particular spot on the sheet.

The result can also be a clean weld, there are no filler metals needed at all so the process does not give out any fumes or gases.

It is also a fairly safe process due to the machines ensuring there are no burns or splash as the sheets are not melted through heat.

As an energy efficient process, it saves on production costs and because of the speed of the welding, saves you on construction time.

While there are portable machines that are used by tradesmen, the automated assembly lines are considered the faster process of welding. The assembly line involves a barrage of spot welders delivering precise currents that create incredibly strong welds. However, portable machines are considered more cost effective (For small auto body service centres) and do not require as much maintenance as robotic arms.

While there advantages to spot welding, it does come with its disadvantages and these include the guns used for portable welding need a fixture set up to hold products or the high initial cost of robots and controllers. These disadvantages however do not distract away from the efficiency of correct spot welding and can become a worthwhile investment. Your local auto body equipment provider should be able to provide more in-depth information on the proper procedure for spot welding, along with the benefits and appropriate uses.

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