Aggression is a common part of the social life of man and to some extent, it determines the violent behavior of the individual. Knowing this, in order to try to give an adequate definition of aggression as a phenomenon that is an integral part of the violence and to present the types of aggression, it is necessary to make a parallel between violence and aggression. C.Dostaler DUI Lawyer will give you a detailed explanation about aggression and aggressive behavior.

Aggression occurs in the very notion of violence as a function that determines violent behavior in a form of attack. This attack involves assault, impatience, uncertain attack in order to conquer and similar activities.

In contemporary literature, there is a difference between aggression and aggressiveness. Aggression is a disposition of man to behave aggressively, a tension that makes the body of an individual to be put in movement and aggressiveness implies – totally or partially destroying an object or person.

Aggression involves behavior (emotional reaction) which in its foundation intends to harm someone physically or psychologically. It can be both physical and psychological. Physical aggression is aimed at the physical bodily integrity of the person to whom it is addressed. Psychological aggression is commonly accomplished by the threat. The threat is psychological coercion, physical coercion that acts on the individual, pushing him to make a decision in a certain direction.

Lots of lawyers and researchers were discussing the violence of the individuals and their violent behavior came and they concluded that it consists of two components: the aggressiveness and the aggressive behavior. These two components are a common characteristic in all criminal acts with elements of violence. The aggressive mental capacity of a person is characterized by increased readiness for action, and aggressive behavior – the action that is manifested in the attack (physical activity), directed against others with the intent to harm. Given that in a committed violent act, the perpetrator displayed an aggressiveness.

The aggressiveness consists more or less of an inclination of the perpetrator to attack the best interests or values of another person when that person appears as an obstacle to their acts, interests, attitudes, motives, goals, rights, etc., depending on the degree of development of this negative feature of the perpetrator.

In the attempt for a complete definition of aggressive behavior, almost all authors agree over the basic criterion – the intention of anyone to be hurt or someone else to be damaged. The bottom line is knowing that aggression is part of the social life of man, so therefore it must be analyzed and completely reviewed.

The more successful an individual is in the society in which he lives, the smaller the degree of aggressive behavior is.

With maturation and social development, human socialize both with the same objective and aggression rarely occurs in overt form, especially in adults where the socialization process is successfully completed. But hidden (latent), aggression never stops not even in quite adapted u, socialized individuals.

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