Internal telephonic connection within an organization is an important need for any large or small-sized business. A PBX which stands for Private Branch Exchange is the telephone system, which serves the purpose of connecting users within a particular place or organization.

VoIP phone systems can be installed within an office as well as at residential places. This technology has really made communication over phone easy and cheap. With the installation of virtual PBX, the work goes on through the software instead of traditional hardware. The most relevant function of this system is the pre-determined sequence establishment by the software.

This technology is quite affordable and hence one can reduce their monthly phone bills by using virtual PBX for their personal or professional communication needs.

Using IP PBX

With the advancement in technology related to telephony, IP PBX has been developed, which offers a lot more facilities than any other traditional PBX.

The manufacturers of PBX identified the significance of using internet protocol (IP) for signaling, which is used for integration and communication with other applications and developed IP PBX system to meet the need.

An IP PBX has the potential to convert the voice received by its software into data and its transmission over the internet with the help of SIP protocols, just like any other form of data, which includes messaging and emails.

Large companies are using this technology with great enthusiasm and pleasure because it has helped them greatly to reduce the communication cost. Small businesses are also able to avail the facilities of hosted IP PBX for communication through telephone systems within the organization, with the help of VoIP service provider without spending much.

How is hosted IP PBX a great support to organizations?

With the hosting of PBX solutions on the cloud, an employer can connect a large number of employees internally for various business growth and development processes. Due to the involvement of VoIP service provider, an employer using hosted IP PBX doesn’t need to pay the cost of maintenance for operations carried on by telephone systems.

With the use of hosted IP PBX an employee of an organization can work from anywhere. They can avail the features offered by this technology such as call conferencing, transferring calls, putting calls on hold with music, etc. These facilities help an employee work in an efficient way without wasting much of their time which ultimately results in increase productivity.

The ease of configuration and installation is one of the major reasons for which this technology has become a favorite of many large and small-sized companies. For a network engineer or any other tech savvy person it is very easy to configure and install IP PBX with ease.

Because of the use of the intuitive web interface the end-user management of IP PBX installed with the help of cloud becomes very simple.

Telephonic product brands

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