Blepharoplasty is a term that describes plastic surgery on the eyelids, which can help many kinds of concerns. These issues may range from cosmetic problems such as fatty bulges around the eyes, the appearance of wrinkles, and hanging skin; as well as functional issues such as ptosis that requires correction. The decision to pursue eyelid surgery can make a significant difference in your appearance, your confidence, and in your interactions with others.

Blepharoplasty is also commonly called an eye lift, lidlift, or simply eyelid surgery. The benefits of cosmetic eyelid surgery can be profound, which makes sense considering what a central role our eyes play in our facial appearance, in the way we communicate, and in the way others see us. In general, it’s desirable to have eyes that appear alert, engaged, interested, “bright,” and youthful.

If you look in the mirror and notice that you seem tired, haggard, worn out, or worried, particularly in the region around the eyes, you may be a candidate for eyelid surgery. While there are a number of cosmetic facial concerns that can contribute to this aging appearance, any successful treatment must consider your overall facial balance, taking special care to naturally complement the eyes.

The appearance of deflated eyelids characterized by loose skin and fatty tissue is very often an effect of aging. Over time stress, gravity, sun damage, and repeated facial expressions take their toll and can show up in the face. By correcting these fundamental concerns with eyelid surgery, there is potential to look years younger, and appear more engaged with your surroundings.

Blepharoplasty is not a straightforward process of “remove the excess skin, muscle, and fat.” Rather, it is a detailed, delicate, and intricate procedure that must be honed and carefully planned for the individual. Your surgeon should take care to use a conservative approach that preserves as much of the natural eyelid tissue as possible, rather than an approach that is aggressive and yields a “surgical look.”

With a custom-planned surgery with the best specialist you can find, you can attain eyelid surgery results that appear natural to your features. In many cases, with a well-done surgery, your friends and colleagues will not suspect that you had surgery, but they will note that you appear brighter, younger, and attractive. A successful blepharoplasty should always aim to achieve this natural improvement.

There are a range of eyelid surgeries that fall under the term blepharoplasty. Depending upon your specific goals and concerns, an upper blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery performed on the upper eyelid surgery), lower blepharoplasty, or both may be appropriate. Anatomical concerns such as ptosis or a “drooping” eyelid, as well as issues of asymmetry, can also be corrected through a carefully designed blepharoplasty.

Rather than seeing a generalist, your surgeon should emphasize eyelid surgery as major specialization of his or her practice. The most successful eyelid surgery must be individualized. Your eyelid surgery should aim to achieve natural results by taking a minimally invasive approach that preserves as much tissue as possible, while complimenting your natural features.

To learn more about your options and how you can benefit from an individualized blepharoplasty, consult with a specialized and experienced oculoplastic surgeon. A customized eyelid surgery can have the power to refresh your looks, and improve your confidence, and brighten your appearance.

This article was written by Mary Stevenson, a health writer who beleives that eyelid surgery can make a significant difference in your appearance, your confidence, and in your interactions with others.