There are specific signs that can indicate your child needing braces and how soon they need them. There are many reasons someone may benefit from having braces because of their versatility and effectiveness. Therefore, you should take your child to see a dentist within the first six months of the first tooth emerging, or as soon as they turn one. There is no specific time to begin taking your child to the dentist; however, you need to be keen as some problems are best attended to and treated as soon as possible. With this, it is sometimes best to wait until most of the baby teeth have fallen out, which is around the ages of 10-13 years. If you are taking your child for the regular visits to the dentist, then they will be able to diagnose any problems at an early stage and determine when it is time for a minor intervention or a full evaluation for braces. Here are a few signs to help you know if your child will benefit from braces.


  • Late, irregular or early loss of the baby teeth at the ages of 6-9
  • If your child is experiencing difficulties in chewing or biting
  • If you notice the teeth look crowded, misplaced or blocked out
  • If your child complains the jaw is shifting or making some sounds
  • If the teeth seem abnormal or they are not there at all
  • If you see the jaw and teeth are out of proportion to the rest of the face

What may cause the need for Braces?

Research shows most orthodontic problems are actually genetic. This means you or your child may possibly have inherited the bite or space problems experienced. Other cases will develop over time due to activities of the child such as finger sucking, breathing through the mouth, decaying of the teeth, cases of accidents or poor nutrition. It may be a case where there is not enough space in the jaw for the teeth to grow so they become crowded or crooked because the jaw does not line up properly.

Benefits of the Braces for your Child

If the problem is diagnosed early and treated successfully, the benefits are long-term. The development problems are not as critical and can be solved within a short period of time. They improve the overall outlook of the child’s appearance and will help the child in activities they were finding trouble in doing such things as chewing and biting. Taking your child to get braces can help boost their confidence which will greatly reflected in how they carry out themselves after the treatment is completed.

If you get a good dentist to work on your child at an early age and offer the best orthodontic treatment for the child’s problem, then you will have impacted greatly on your child’s life. Activities like chewing, biting or smiling will no longer be issues he or she will struggle with. Therefore, do not hesitate taking your child to the dentist because many problems can be easily diagnosed and treatment before they become even more problematic to the child and to you too.

Written by Dr. Darren Wittenberger, the best orthodontist in Columbia MO has to offer, and owner of his own practice, Advance Orthodontics. Dr. Wittenberger enjoys sharing his expertise to ensure people can maintain the healthiest, straightest teeth possible!