Imagine valleys covered with saffron mountains and lakes bejewelled with the most pink lotus blossoms.  Kashmir is very beautiful. The culture is unique and to compliment it god has created the fascinating landscape carved in beautiful mountains. The glades, rivers and meadows combine a beautiful picture with people walking to their work in farms, their women accompanying them to work after completing their household chores. The natural beauty mixed with the simplicity of Kashmir folks adds grace to this Himalayan valley.  there  Women are tending cows and the men are ploughing fields their children climbing the apple trees,  The breezing waves get caught among the pines, the roof of the mosque looks like painted with gold surrounded by pigeons. In the early morning the muezzin calls for prayers from the marble turrets of grand mosque, its shadow covers the marigolds & roses which are covered with dew.  Everyday sun comes down on this beautiful valley, its beauty never diminishes, its people are happy & the mountains look proud and green.

Kashmir Opens To Delight The Travellers

I recommended these things to choose for a traveller who is opting for Kashmir tour packages

  1. Sightseeing to old city where you can see various shrines and mosques which bear a lot of history of Kashmir. The views from the gardens look amazing from the nishat bagh & shalimaar bagh which were build by the mughal emperors.
  2. For a unique & authentic experience stay in a houseboat to watch a number of sights unfolds before your eyes while you stay in a boat. You will see how people manage to live in this lake.
  3. Visit the badam vari it’s a almond grove situated near the Srinagar fort.
  4. Enjoy barbeque and kashmiri wazwan at a restaurant.
  5. Take long walk on boulevard road near Dallake.
  6. Visit a Kashmiri family or attend a kashmiri marriage.

There are  tea shops where you can taste the finest khawa, The food of Kashmir which compromises of many varieties of non veg dishes made by the special cook called “waza” the arrival of tourist has grown decently. Tall chinar’s shed the leaves  as this is beginning of a autumn season and many aspiring Kashmir’s are hoping that they will get visitors so they could show them their utmost hospitality, The valley of Kashmir had been hardly hit by civil war which erupted long time back. But now things have changed and Kashmir is looking for a good tourist season for 2016.

The valleys freezes in winter in a ice shell, the Gulmarg valleys provides a stunning views of snow carpeted mountains &  its powdery snow attracts lot of ski lovers from Europe and Russia. In spring the valley sheds of its frosty cover & gives way to rustling brooks, grassy meadows and tall willow trees, The blossoms of cherry & almond decorate the parks, flowers look pretty in gardens and sprawling lawns of Nishat & Shalimar. Any time is good to witness the charismatic beauty of Kashmir. The  mughal prince Jahangir had rightly quoted these words after seeing Kashmir. “if there is any heaven on earth, it’s here, it’s here, it’s here”.

About the Autor; Tanveer Badyari  is a travel writer & trekking guide  from Kashmir check his blog