One of the most frustrating things in life is looking through a full wardrobe and feeling like you have nothing to wear. While most people assume that everyone suffers this problem, in reality, it can be avoided if you have a strong set of wardrobe essentials. In fact, you only need a few essentials and you will never have to worry about what to wear again!

From a basic white T-shirt to some dark denim, here are the wardrobe essentials that every woman should own.

A basic white T-shirt

A high-quality basic white T is the foundation of any good wardrobe. You can dress it up with a skirt and jewellery for a night out, or you can pair it with trousers for work or the weekend. Just make sure to get a high-quality T-shirt, as cheap white T-shirts can make your whole outfit look cheaper.

A striped top

A top with some pattern is perfect for days when you can’t decide what to wear, as they are plain enough to work with most things, but the pattern gives the outfit some edge. Pair your striped top with heels for a glam look, or dress it down with a skirt.

Dark denim

Denim is an essential part of a good wardrobe, but it is better to buy dark denim instead of light. According to The Telegraph, dark denimis more flattering, and it tends to be more versatile than light denim.

Wardrobe Essentials That Every Woman Should Own

Slip-on trainers

Slip-on trainers are enjoying a surge in popularity this year, and now they seem to be even more popular than the chunky style that has dominated the last decade. The shoes are comfortable enough to walk around all day in, but due to the slip on style, they have a more fashionable edge than traditional trainers – and they look good with bare legs as they are not too chunky!

A relaxed, natural fabric top

Clothes that are made from natural fabrics, such as Farah shirts, are very popular right now. If you want to buy mens Farah shirts check out


A little black dress is an extremely versatile clothing option. Depending on the shoes and jewellery that you wear, a good LBD is perfect for work, a meal out or even a night of dancing.