If you’ve been playing social gaming apps for more than a couple of weeks, chances are you’ve had a chance to win the jackpot or at least come close. Players around the world are interested in finding new ways of winning this mega reward, and that’s exactly what we (and this article!) are here for. What you’ll find in this article is not a list of gaming hacks, but instead advice on how to get into the right state of mind that will help you win the next game. If you are guilty of at least one of the following habits, remove it on your way to the pop slots prize.

Being impatient

It’s worth it to keep trying for quite some time not only because that’s how some jackpot games are built, but also because certain game challenges require that you visit the app every day for a week to win. Follow the instructions carefully and do not give up! Games like 88 Fortunes want players to win and if you stick to it, you will win.

Never following through

Speaking of not giving up, if you are the type of player who starts a challenge and quits halfway through, that’s probably why the coveted jackpot is still not yours. This is also true for players who change their gaming app once a week. Finish what you started, and you’ll improve your abilities as you get to know the app a lot better and become an expert.

If your reason for doing so is boredom, choose gaming apps that have many different slot games within and diversify your experience while still following through. Another thing that can help you is allowing the app to send you alerts and reminders, which will let you know if a challenge you’ve started is about to slip away.

Being pessimistic

Believe in the jackpot and it shall be yours! Yes, this sounds like another new-age advice, but jackpots are for believers and you have to feel it to win it. Not sure how to do that? Keep playing and winning smaller rewards, and you will find it easier to recreate the winning feeling when it’s time to go for the gold.

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