Understanding what pallets are and the different types available can help you in making the right choice for your requirement. These are either standing platforms or structures which are tray like which are used for either storing of goods or even for their transportation. These are available in wood or plastic or you have the option of getting them customized in accordance to your requirement. The pallets are used in different industries like agriculture, pharmaceutical companies, in malls to store and transport food items which are perishable.

custom pallets

Different Types of Pallets

There are mainly two types of pallet design available.

  • Block Pallets

    These pallets are made of either plastic or wood. These have around 12 blocks supporting the deck boards on the top. There are stringers between these blocks and the deck board forming a mat. The length of the stringer board tends to determine the length of the pallet. The width is determined by the length of the deck board. These block pallets are designed with or without the base of a full-perimeter or the deck boards at the bottom.

  • Stringer Pallets

    The use of stringers for the support of the unit load gives these pallets their name. The stringers are sandwiched in between the bottom and the top deck boards. A stringer pallet has the stringer length taken into consideration before the length or the width of the deck board. You find the 2-way entry stringer pallets in the case of the stringers not being notched.

When opting for either of the two above-mentioned pallets, you can opt for the configuration of the deck board according to your requirement.

Reasons to Choose Custom Pallets

  • Custom Pallets and integrity of the Product

    A damaged product is a total negative for any business. This not only affects the reputation of the company but can also lead to losing out on customers. Using custom pallets is a simple step taken to avoid this major negative in a business. Choosing to transport, store or even display goods in the right-sized pallet made of an apt material can make a lot of difference. Besides the size, you also need to consider the material. You have choices like the plywood, plastic, or even solid wood.

  • Custom Colour Pallets

    Using coloured custom pallets made of plastic can be visually appealing. You can designate the colours in accordance to the specific area or function. You can also identify the pallets to be used for specific customers. Using black or grey coloured pallets are a suitable option as these tend to be cost-effective. This is due to the fact that these custom pallets are made from materials which are recycled.

  • Custom Pallets, a Wise Choice

    Custom pallets ensure that you have pallets which suit your specific needs. You can depend on these for the storage and display of your goods. Custom pallets also tend to be of the exact size you require. This means the transportation of goods gets safer.

custom pallets

Custom pallets can help your business save the time required for handling goods; bring down the damage to your goods, prevent accidents which are possible with manual handling and a lot more. This is where the experience and reputation of a pallet manufacturer make a difference. An experienced pallet manufacturer can make appropriate changes in the design to make your custom pallets more effective.