SEM stands for Search engine marketing and it is a kind of Internet Marketing that is linked with the researching, placement and submitting of the websites on search engines to gain higher visibility. You can even refer SEM as measures taken for the better and effective positioning of the websites in search results. It includes search engine optimization, keyword research, search engine advertising, paid listings, competitive analysis, and many other search engine services that would increase the search traffic to your website. The promotion of websites is done primarily through paid advertising.

Search engine marketing services in India is growing much faster than the traditional methods of advertising. Search campaigns are either managed by SEM vendor or SEM tool provider. There are two ways in which you can drive traffic from search engines:

  1. Organic i.e. Non-paid search traffic- Search engines works precisely to provide users with the relevant information. When you search for some topic, product or service then the Google or Bing provides you with the ultimate results as far as possible. With search engine optimization you can build your website as a useful resource. It totally depends on the usefulness of your website that decides the count of driven traffic. The advantages of the non-paid traffic are discussed below:

Ø  It doesn’t cost you much because search engines don’t charge for placing your website on the top in the search results. Much time and effort are utilized in order to develop a relevant web presence. Keeping in mind that time is money you can hire an SEO firm to do the process. This is an investment that is much easier to measure.

Ø  It can be trusted as people prefer organic results a lot more than the paid advertising. Moreover, they often overlook the paid ads and like clicking on organic listings.

  1. Inorganic i.e. Paid search traffic: The paid search traffic could be found in various forms and that would include the ads on search engines, ads on social media channels, ads within context, etc. This type includes pay per click ads where the clients pay for the visitors who have clicked on their ads. This also has certain advantages, let’s go through:

Ø This feature allows you to manage each keywords bid in order to target higher returning keywords.

Right from the location to placement and then to network targeting, you can view and direct who is viewing your ads and making every dollar worth.

There is unlimited data behind paid search. You need to set up targets and conversions that would help you.

You can get instant traffic as soon as you set up your campaigns.

By now it is understood that the popularity and success of your products or services majorly depend on the positioning of your website on the search engine. It is very important to earn good SEO score to make your website popular and approachable. The functional objective of search engine marketing is to acquire customers and make money. The objective of SEM is to drive qualified traffic to your website and then converting the visitors into customers.

Search engine marketing agencies act as a vital component for most of the business firms. It pumps the roots of the business with the maximum number of customer conversions. This is a boon for the business if used effectively.