Be it brand new car or an existing one, window tinting for cars is quite normal. Numerous reasons explain why a window should be tinted. However, it is always difficult to choose it from the various products available.

Here is the information on the varieties of window tint that shall help you get the most suitable one for your car.

Varieties Of Window Tint You Need To Know

Dyed Window Tint: Quite an economical and less expensive, the dyed tint is one of the highly demanded tint films among all. It is ordinarily used for the rich look it gives to the car. Nonetheless, it does not help in blocking the sun rays entirely.

The dye absorbs the solar rays that prevent some heat to enter through the car window. This type of films is used when the emphasis is more on appearance than the protection from rays.

Metallized Films: It is made up of small metallic particles that block the Sun rays from entering into the car just like the dyed tints and thereby protects the interior of your vehicle. Another perk of using the metallized one is that it strengthens the window making it shatter-resistant.

Unlike the dyed window tint, it is more resistant to scratches. It gives a glossy appearance to the car from the outside. However, the car holds a drawback. The metallic particles have the tendency of interfering with the GPS and cell phone transmission.

Carbon Window Tint: It removes drawbacks of both the metallized as well as the dyed films and hence it’s highly recommended. It is dark and has the matte-finish giving your vehicle an appealing look. The infrared lights of the sun cause heat which gets up to 40 % block by this tint. As a result of that, the inner temperature stays cooler that further saves the air-conditioning cost. As it is very effective in preventing heat, it protects the interior of the car from fading.

It has a long life and does not fade, unlike the dyed films. Additionally, as it doesn’t consist of metal particles, the GPS and cell phone transmissions does not get affected by it.

Ceramic Films: Last but not the least; ceramic films are indeed the best tint in the market. Despite the fact that it’s new in the market, it is highly in demand for its plethora of benefits. Made up of the ceramic particles, it blocks 45 % to 50 % of the solar heat resulting in the maximizing the internal cooling. Just like carbon tint, this film does not affect the functioning of the radio, cell phones or any such device.

The most notable advantage of this tint is that it blocks the UV rays that cause sunburn and skin cancer. Besides, it is highly shatter-proof and lasts long.

The ceramic films are certainly expensive. However, considering its quality, you can say, it’s worth the cost.

These are the most commonly used window tints. While choosing the right one for your vehicle, make sure to see whether it suits your requirements or not. For instance, if your priority is the quality of the product and not the cost or appearance, you should go for the ceramic films. In case you do not use your car regularly, opt for the dyed tint that shall not cost you more and would give an elegant appearance to your vehicle. Another thing to be taken into account is to buy the film from the authentic sellers like Tint Shoppe who can further guide you the best film as per your needs.

As you now know what to opt for, the only thing I would like to say is, Happy shopping!