Shelving provides an organized and efficient way to handle storage needs in homes, garages, small businesses and workplace environments. The applications for shelving systems are virtually endless, and there are solutions for nearly every storage need. The appropriate shelving system can help preserve work  space, reduce operation costs and improve productivity.

Simple Shelving

The shelving used in these applications is not as complex as that in industrial applications, but it goes beyond the scope of standard consumer shelves. These applications experience more activity and carry heavier loads compared to consumer shelving, but they have less demand than the most heavy duty varieties.

Storing Garage Tools and Equipment

For those that use more powerful equipment, traditional storage options are not adequate for a garage. Steel shelving is one of the best choices for garages that require heavy loads. Standard steel shelving is meant to handle the heavy duty loads, and it is available in open shelving, closed panels or bin-style shelves. Each style serves unique benefits for personal applications. For light to medium duty loads, lighter shelving is a more affordable option that still performs well. Good steel shelving for this purpose still retains the high quality of that for heavier loads.

Auto Shop Shelving

If a standard garage has been converted to an auto shop business, it is certainly in need of industrial level shelving and storage options. This type of shelving is comprised of 14-gauge steel for necessary durability, and open designs allows access from all sides. Boltless shelves are well-suited for this purpose, and they are quicker and more affordable to install than bolted shelves. Long span shelving is suitable for storing spare parts and other equipment with its high capacity and tough build. Tire racks can be used with as many as six tiers. With angled beams, these racks hold tires in place but allow them to be removed easily without locking devices.

Storage for Small Business

Flow racks are particularly helpful for small business applications. Combining pallet racks with gravity flow enhances flexibility and efficiency. It saves time, and the ability to store small boxes on larger racks without gaps helps save space. These shelves allow small businesses to operate more fluidly by separating stockers and pickers while minimizing worker travel and making it easier to reach items. For businesses using expiring products, rolling tracks with inclined shelving help to automatically shift goods into position to be stocked and used in order.

Workplace Shelving

Workplace shelving has higher demands placed on it from volume and weight of the goods being stored when compared to more simple applications in homes and small businesses. There are many types of shelving needed in this environment. Some are meant for storage only, and others are meant for storage and picking.

Large Office Shelving

Different offices have unique shelving needs depending on the size of the office space. Most utilize small to intermediate level storage that requires little space but must hold very light to very heavy items. This versatile shelving can be assembled without bolts as well in order to adjust or move shelving as workers move throughout the building or as the business relocates.

Archive Storage

This type of shelving is needed to store large archives consisting of hundreds or thousands of files or artifacts. It is needed in the medical, law enforcement, scientific and educational fields. Because of the volume of material being stored, it calls for extreme heavy duty load ability as well as a sturdy and reliable structure. These shelves can be expanded vertically to leave ample floor space while still adding to constantly growing collections. This use of vertical space saves operational costs that would come from additional workers, unnecessary equipment and wasted square footage.


Distribution shelving is used for large organizations that provide goods or services on a regional or national level. Various industries utilize distribution space from retail distributors to utility providers. Many distribution warehouses store parts used to assemble equipment, so the types of shelving used here can vary between organizations. The most important aspects of storage in these spaces include the ability to access items quickly as well as high product visibility. The right shelving systems can keep inventory safe from damage while also keeping it organized. This allows for more fluid operation and reduced time and money spent correcting errors in logistics.

A shelving system for light or heavy duty use should be planned in advance. Most systems can be adapted or transformed even after installed, but it is best to plan for the maximum possible load of the current business at the time of installation. Any issues should be discussed with the shelving supplier, and they will be able to provide material and layout recommendations and even customized systems for many applications.

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