A mommy makeover, the popular name for a host of surgeries typically performed after childbirth most popular being Tummy Tuck, is no small undertaking. Even one surgery comes with a lot of necessary downtime to recover; undergoing multiple at once only exacerbates this. For a mom on the go, getting the proper amount of recuperation can be difficult, but it is extremely necessary. To make the process easier, try to follow the tips outlined below.

Commission People to Help You

When possible, ask your spouse, family, or friends to aid you with tasks you cannot perform while you are recovering. This includes such tasks as preparing meals, running errands, performing housework; anything too strenuous, i.e. that will raise your blood pressure, should be avoided. A great solution to this is to schedule help in shifts, so you may put off any tasks you know you cannot complete alone until someone is there to help you.

Hire Childcare

School-age children who are mostly independent may be eager to help mommy recuperate and can probably have the healing process explained to them, but after a procedure of this caliber, you simply will not be capable of giving your children the care they need. If you are moving in the first few weeks, it should be from bed to couch; anything else is just too taxing on your mending body. If possible, children should be out of the house for the first 48 hours, as this is period most vital for recovery. Many complications can arise from overdoing it during this time period, including injuries, bleeding, and trauma. It really is not worth the risk.

Prepare As Much As You Can Beforehand

If you will have little or no help, before your procedure is the best time to get a lot of the activities you will be barred from done. Complete all your major housework, fill up your pantry and refrigerator, prepare meals you can heat up easily, make a surplus of school lunches or ensure your children can purchase lunch at school, fill any prescriptions and have them somewhere readily accessible, make arrangements to carpool if you normally drive your children, and gather any materials you may want in your rest area. The more you can do before, the less you will have to worry about after, when it may be difficult or impossible for you to perform such tasks.

Discuss With Your Doctor

Know what specific implements your doctor has in mind for your recovery and get them together. This can mean prescription pain medications, hot or cold compresses, bandages, and compression or binding garments. Anything your doctor suggests you have on hand, place nearby where you will be resting. Remember, it is better to have excess than to go without.

Ready a Recovery Area

Choose a comfy spot, maybe a bed or couch, and fill it up with supplies. Get plenty of water bottles, snacks, books, and other activities, as well as loose fitting clothing, preferably that buttons in the front– this will keep you from stretching or straining when trying to dress yourself. If you have small children and no help, create a safe play area for them near your recovery area, well-stocked with toys and snacks. Giving them their own “recovery area” nearby yours will help them to keep from feeling ignored or neglected, helping them to stay calm and content. Make sure the area is secure and child-proofed, as you will be in no state to respond to an emergency and cannot afford to be up and down attempting to wrangle children into an area where you can supervise them.

Know What To Expect

Though this depends on the types of surgeries you will be getting, there are some general guidelines for how you will be feeling in the days and weeks after your procedure. You may require drains at certain incision sites, especially if you had a tummy tuck. If you had a breast augmentation, tummy tuck, or liposuction, you will more than likely need to wear compression garments at the sites of these surgeries. Your body will no doubt be swollen and bruised. Remember that your immediate appearance directly after your surgeries does not reflect what your body will look like once it heals. It takes six weeks on average to recover, though it can be longer or shorter depending on what specific procedures you undergo. Most normally return to work around the one- to two-week mark; again, though, this depends on your specific situation, and you should follow your doctor’s orders first and foremost. Keep a positive outlook; feeling anxiety or stress will only hinder the healing process.

The host of surgeries encompassed by a mommy makeover are arduous and exhausting; reclaiming your body after childbirth just is not an easy process. After your procedure, the most important thing to remember is you need time to recoup. Being a mom makes that difficult, but not altogether impossible– try to stick to these tips to help your recuperation go as smoothly as possible.

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