A friend of yours, a family member or a colleague recently became a new mother. Having a baby is indeed one of the most precious moments of our lives. The new parents are probably busy with the baby, while you are racking your brain about what to buy for the little bundle of joy’s mother. You might be tempted to buy a cool new pair of jeans you know your friend will love, but would she still after the baby? You might also be wondering if it’s appropriate just to get a gift for the baby instead of the mommy. These are all legitimate worries.

Unique Gifts For New Mothers

Well, a new baby means now her life is completely different and entirely consumed by the child’s needs. Any gift you buy for the mother, in extension, will help her with the baby, be it emotionally or physically. A thoughtful gift will take this fact into consideration. That’s why the latest branded nail polish and topcoat won’t do, even if you somehow make them into personalised baby gifts. Make your gift to the new mom unique and beneficial by presenting one of the following:

A Sleeping Mask

There’s one thing new mothers desperately need: rest. It’s exactly what they don’t get with a yowling newborn in the crib. You might not be able to gift sleep, but you can gift things that will make it as comfortable as possible. This is where a sleeping mask comes in. Some new mothers have to sleep with the lights on, so when the baby is up late in the night, she doesn’t have to scramble around looking for the light switch. No one really gets any sleep with the lights on, so gift her a comfy sleeping mask that will certainly be helpful.

Gift Certificate for Massage

It’s an understatement to say childbirth is difficult. The new mom will be in some pain, and after lying in bed for so long, will have sore limbs and shoulders making things worse. You can make her feel truly grateful with a gift certificate for a good, reinvigorating massage that will get her back in shape to take care of the new baby.

Lots of Diapers

There are no extra or unused diapers in a house with a new baby. There will only always be a need for more, more and some more until the baby is a potty trained toddler. The new mom will therefore especially appreciate a considerate gift of diapers, or a gift card to buy a lot of diapers. Buying it and saving her a tiresome run to the store is the better option. You can make the gift particularly generous by buying biodegradable diapers or even reusable cloth diapers.

Comfortable Clothes

The new mom is at a stage when her body is changing so she will really love a new set of casual clothes. Just for this time, trade in fashion for comfort and durability. The new mom will want clothes that she can wear around the house and to bed, as she will be taking a nap whenever the chance comes. They will have to be easy to change into without pesky buttons or the like. You can get drawstring pants or elastic pants (but not with a really tight band). Get her tops that are easy to open or remove to breastfeed, and are resilient to baby spit and vomit.

A Designer Baby Bag

You won’t have to overlook fashion when it comes to buying a baby bag. New moms will need one of these desperately once she begins to travel after recuperating for couple of weeks. Many hip brands have chic baby bags with both functionality and style. A branded baby bag will certainly impress any new mom.

Buy Fresh Fruits and Veggies

The new mom will need all the nutrition she can get from fresh ingredients to keep up her strength to breastfeed round the clock. She will be grateful for anyone who can stock her fridge with organic fruits and veggies. Get her ingredients in season, which are less likely to be sprayed with preservatives. Try to get her things like squash, avocado, spinach and fatty fish which are teeming in the good calories and vitamins a new mom needs.

Unique Gifts For New Mothers

Additionally, the new mom won’t have the energy to start cooking until the baby is a bit older, so she will be eternally grateful if you can cook her at least one healthy meal. Ideally, you can cook for a week and store everything in the fridge. That’ll won’t be a gift she will forget, ever.