First thing first, drinking and driving is a serious crime and apparently Miami has some of the strident DUI (Driving under Influence)laws. If you got drinking habits socially, as a matter-of course the probability  of getting arrested under DUI raises.  Judiciary takes it seriously; as a result first time wrongdoer can be sent for 3 months jail term, heavy penalties and loss of driver’s license. For obvious reasons, laws are even harsher for further convictions.

Unfortunately, DUI conviction is not limited to criminal and civil consequences for it is imprinted on your record forever. A professional Miami criminal defense lawyer is needed in such a case. The substantiating results for college students can be even more dreadful. I researched around myself and asked many defense lawyers in Miami and got the general viewpoint that at times college students deserve a second chance. Driving under influence of alcohol or drugs has spoiled careers of many youngsters and of course we can’t blame the laws. Laws are there for betterment of the society.

You must know what all can happen! Read on to get familiarized with the possible outcomes if you got a DUI ticket record while you are in or applying for a college.

The Impact on Admissions in Colleges

Almost all the colleges and graduate schools query about your criminal convictions history. DUI can’t be scratched off the record in Miami, that is why it is easily traceable by college administrations; which is not at all good news for those who are convicted in the past. Although it depends a lot on the school and the nature of the program, but with the possibility of becoming actual they can bar you from admissions. Some schools are lineate while others are more than strict. Sometimes, all they expect is an honest exposure of your criminal history and if you have resolved all the previous judiciary matters. You need to consult your attorney and take legal advice on how to fill up the application form and counteract the negative repercussions.

Probable Disciplinary Actions if you are Already Pursuing Some Course

You will find in the main that maximum of colleges and schools in Miami and around the country have much strict governing bodies. Getting arrested under DUI while you are enrolled with the industry is a violation in the code of conducts and you are liable to strong disciplinary actions that may lead to suspension or cancellation of enrollment. Again, our suggestion is to consult your attorney before sitting for the administrative hearing and best would be to take your lawyer along if possible. Your future comes at a stake and gets dependent on the decisions of disciplinary committee. Not a very nice emotional state to go through! Avoid drinking and driving at first. Different colleges have different rules regarding to drug and alcohol usage and the attorney can best take you to verbal warnings.

Future Might Go in the Dark

Very few employers won’t inquire about criminal convictions while maximum of them would never keep you as an employee. A thorough criminal background check by the company and your job is gone. Best is to be honest and not lie in the application paper. No one wants a dishonest worker.

  • Be prepared to justify that you have resolved the legal issues.
  • Be honest about the type of conviction. A lie saves none for longer.
  • With the help of your attorney, you might get into a profession.

Don’t drink and drive and if you have been unfortunate already, choose your attorney wisely. Good luck!

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