All of a sudden people keeps on thinking what went wrong to their flawless skin which gets covered by red marks or the black patches. Is anyone out there who hasn’t heard of pimple or acne? If haven’t, where have they been? Acne affects most of the people in day to day life; it is the common dermatologic conditions, which is characterized by whitehead, blackheads. In short, acne typically develops in teenagers, whereas some adults have particular degree of acne. The cause of acne is still not known. In teenager’s hormonal changes is the main cause of acne or during pregnancy also women deals with acne.

Ugly Pimples Hindering The Face?

80% of the women are just bothered about their face, even if they find one pimple on their face they start taking tension as if what had happened. For this you can always consult a doctor online, as they are unaware about the consequence that taking tension may lead to hair loss, and further that may lead to baldness.But many thanks to clinicspots which serves the medical remedy towards acne and pimples as well as hair transplant doctors in Mumbai.To worry less and keep your skin free of pimples keep reading this article.

There are Two Types of Acne are Recorded:-

  • Non inflammatory acne; – characterized by the presence of whiteheads and blackheads.
  • Inflammatory acne: – characterized by the presence of pimples, which may rupture to form inflammatory lesions that are raised, redden the areas on the skin called “papules.”

In most of the cases, the person may suffer from both the types of acne. Acne mostly occurs in the facial area, in chest or at the back, where the sebaceous gland is the most prominent; it may also affect many of the other parts of the body such as neck and upper arms.

Causes of Acne:-

There are many factors that may lead a person’s face to get even worse due to acne. Examples leading to acne are as follows:-


  • Pimples are caused by creams, lotions and makeup is the most common cause for pimples. It should be a habit to indulge, you for the branded cosmetics which are free of oil, they don’t harm the skin, and doesn’t block the pores, Whereas, the usage of local products which contain mineral oil clogs the pores of the face, affecting the skin frequently and making it dull.
  • The brush applied for makeup should be cleaned once in a week with soap or water because it may collect bacteria and yeast.
  • According to the study, exfoliation wipes and pads should be used gently to remove the dead skin, than plain old soap do.
  • Washing off the foundation applied on the face and powdering it off ever night is an essential process.

Cell Phones:-

Latest phones such as iphone or android are full of dirt and bacteria and there are many chances of the area getting affected near chin or around the mouth, to prevent, wipe it down daily with the help of alcohol or Clorox wipes in order to be free from the bacteria’s.


Many of the people have misconception that dandruff causes acne but it is not so, it may lead to tiny pimples lining the scalp. Shampoo that is designed for treatment of dandruff is helpful, but many of the people avoid using it just because of its smell. Now – a- days new lines have introduced that smell beautifully and can be used in day to day routine such as clear scalp, hair beauty therapy.

Touching Your Face:-

As per the saying of dermatologist acne can appear anywhere if the person keeps on repeatedly touching the skin. While working, resting the chin on hand can contribute towards acne, in short try an avoid touching the face frequently. And during the summertime, don’t sit down in a wet bathing suit; doing so puts you at risk of developing butt acne.


Stress release cortisol and other adrenal steroids which stimulate the sebaceous glands and leads to acne. It doesn’t always cause new pimple but it tend to worsen the matter. Enough sleep is compulsory and at least 15 minutes should be dropped for relaxing and to distress the stress by doing regular exercise as well.

Preventing Acne:-

There are many preventive measures that reduce acne include:-

  • Women should always use make up that is oil free and which is labelled as “non – comedogenic”
  • After sweating for a long time, everyone should cleanse the skin.
  • While cleansing scrubbing should be avoided on skin.
  • Skin care regimen should be followed, which includes cleaning the skin with soft was cloth, warm water or with the appropriate facial soap at least twice a day.

Treating Acne:-

In short, acne treatment is to prevent or minimize the amount of pimples, and to prevent scarring as well. Scarring is best avoided if it is treated early. The treatment for acne is dependent upon the severity of acne and type of acne.

In these days number of non prescribed skin care products is introduced for the self treatment for mild to moderate cases of acne. These products are available in market in the form of lotion, creams, gels, wipes, liquids etc and they typically contain benzoyl peroxide, sulphur with sodium sulfacetamide and so on…

However, to prevent yourself from acne home remedies are the best applied for it. Small precautions should be taken in order to keep your skin glowing for ages.