The chemicals are essential for your life on this earth because there are numerous chemicals that are important for a human body. You need chemicals at every step, such as to preserve food, treat diseases and increase the yield of crops. There are various chemicals that are good for the health of humans. The development and uses of chemicals are good for the human organisms and the environment. The chemicals play an important role to meet the needs of a society. The chemicals are required for sanitation and various other activities. There are some food items that naturally contain chemicals, such as fats, sugars and carbohydrates. These types of chemicals are important for human body. The wood, coal and gas is used to generate electricity and the artificial colors are used in textile industry.

Role Of Chemicals For Good Health

Invention of Plastic

The invention of plastic is the most important use of chemicals because the plastic is produced from crude oil buried under the ground to produce jet fuel, petrol, diesel and tar. Plastic is used as a replacement of glass, wood and metal substances.

Acids and Bases

The acids and bases are two important types of chemicals and the acids are also found in human food items. The lemons and oranges have natural acids that are important for your body. The vinegar and fizzy drinks also have chemicals that help you to digest food in your stomach. The products of home usage contain base, such as alkaline is a base used in the soap, milk of ashes and magnesium, baking soda, etc. The mixture of acid and alkalis can be useful. For instance, the sting of the bee is acidic, but you can use baking soda to cure it.

Happy Chemicals

There are some happy chemicals, such as Dopamine, Oxytocin, Endorphin and Serotonin. These are important for your brain because the presence of these chemicals, your brain will feel happy. In the absence of these chemicals, you may not feel good because every special chemical has a special job in your brain. The brain builds a happy chemical habit; therefore, the wrong quantity and combination of these chemicals can affect your brain.

Chemicals in Regular Life

The chemicals are frequently used in the various activities, and nowadays, these are used to make your life easy and simple. There are lots of conveniences in your life because the chemicals help in the production and invention of different things. There are almost 79.788 artificial chemicals in the market and this number is continually growing. The chemicals are found in cosmetics, processed food, perfumes, shampoo, pesticides, soaps and various other products of the regular use.

The research chemicals are really famous nowadays because these are used to bring lots of changes in your life. The chemicals are used in different experiments to invent something new for your benefits. It is a wide branch of chemistry and it is a wrong concept that the chemicals are only bad. There are lots of good chemicals that have good effects on your health.