Let’s be honest, without sleepwear, your wardrobe won’t be complete. When we think about comfortable wear, the first thing popping up in our minds is sleepwear. To meet different demands, sleepwear has a different size, color, and style. Also:

  • It has to provide comfort. This is the main reason we wear it – to help us sleep better and be healthy.
  • Select sleepwear made from cotton or silk. Those will help your skin breath and let you relax.
  • Choose loose-fitting sleepwear, because it will provide more comfort and ease.
  • In winter you can wear thermal fabric sleepwear to keep you warm. And in summer – wear cotton and silk sleepwear.

You have to choose sleepwear that is suitable for your body type. If you are tall and slim – pajamas will be great for you. If you are little fat – try wearing boxer shorts and sleep shirts, or nighties.

Here are different types of sleepwear you can choose from:

  1. Pajamas

They are a classic choice. Not only they are comfortable but have a lot of styles to provide. You can check for some cool models online. My favorite one is Pajamas For Peace. PJs can be made of silk, cotton, polyester, nylon, flannels, nylon, or satin. They include shirts or T-shirts. No matter young or old, man or woman – everybody loves pajamas.

Children pajamas are more practical. For instance, footie can cover the whole body of the child – from head to toe. There are different types of PJs. Some have a three-piece suit, including shirts, pajamas, and robes. They also have different patterns – batman, hulk, or wrestling characters.

Usually, men don’t care if their pajamas are made from silk or satin. However, women choose different nightwear for different occasion.

  1. Babydolls

Those are mostly classified as underwear, due to the fact they are shorter. They are often made to feature no sleeves at all and are loosely fitted. And usually, are made of pure fabrics with shoelaces and trims.

  1. Sleep shirts

Sleep shirts (or Night shirts) will provide comfortable sleep because they are made of soft and breathable knits. There are different models, like for example the classic oversized shirt, made of satin or silk. Oversized cotton (or silk, satin) t-shirt can also be used as sleep shirts. They can be long or short. Sleep shirts have sleeves – small or full. This type of sleepwear can be worn by men and women.

  1. Robes

The robe is usually worn by men. There are different kinds of robes – bath robes, a bed jacket or terry-cloth robes. For example, a bed jacket can be worn in bed over your pajamas, deep-plunging necklines, or negligees.

  1. Negligees

Those are emotional, sexy, and loose. Wearing negligees allow your skin to breath because they are made of sheer fabrics. And they show the best of you. They are usually made of silk and may vary in length. You may choose one that reaches your ankles, knees or above.

Those are just a small part of the available options for sleepwear. You can choose whatever is best for you in terms of fabrics, style, and overall feeling. The important thing is to feel comfortable wearing it.