Partitions within office space are a common spectacle these days. The use of partitions primarily emerged from the requirement of using an office space more productively, in a way to accommodate more employees, as well as it offer adequate privacy for each department to work separately without constant disturbances or disruptions. These kinds of segmentation implemented within the offices are to enhance the work productivity by eliminating the unwanted distractions of workers. Moreover, with numerous options of simple, transparent, semi transparent, solid and designer office partitions these days, adding one to your office will not only increase workability but it will also add to the aesthetic appeal of the office interiors.

Office Partitions
Office Partitions

Types of Office Partitions

The two basic categories of partitions installed in offices are portable partitions and fixed partitions. In case of portable ones, you have the advantage of moving the partition in case of shifting the office or even if you want to uninstall the partition or relocate it at some other position. However, fixed ones do not offer you portable liberty, but offers more strength and better support to the constructional design of the space. Now, once you have decided which type of partition is best suited for your office space, you can select a distinct type of style, design, and material out of the extensive range of office partitions available in the market.

  • Cubicles
  • Floor to ceiling partition
  • Glass partition
  • Accordion Walls


Popularly referred to as haft eight partitions, these are the most common type of partitions found in the most of the offices. This works like a basic divider with 4 walls positioned in different angles to offer partitioned area. In most of the cases, these are easily portable.

Floor to Ceiling Partitions

This type of partition is made out of metal, which is again covered with cloth covering. However, nowadays, varieties of other materials are also available as options. The basic advantage of installing this type of partition is that it offers complete separation. Moreover, it gives a room like feel to a partitioned space. Therefore, it is often used for separating cabins, and to offer better privacy and personal working space to the employees. These can be both portable and fixed according to the preference and office needs.

Floor to Ceiling Partitions

Glass Partitions

This type of office partitions is available in both types that are half eight measures as well as complete floor to ceiling measure. Generally, glass partitions are available with wooden, aluminum, or steel framing. However, glass partition is preferred owing to a number of advantages in many offices.

  • It allows light to pass through, which helps in keeping the partitioned area full of light. Thereby, optimum utilization of natural light becomes possible even after partitioning the space.
  • Glass in itself is graceful in appeal and adds a touch of elegance to the interior besides enhancing the natural light.
  • Besides, you have the control of your own privacy in your glass-partitioned cabin in your own hand. If you install Venetia blinds and use it you have complete private separate working area, and the other moment when roll them off, you can connect to the other parts of the office. Besides that, nowadays with various designed blazed glasses, you do not even need blinds, since they allow light to penetrate but restrict visibility.

Moreover, looking at the general advantages of installing partitions most of the office owners, as well as commercial interior designers prefer installing portable office partitions instead of taking up constructional changes to implement a partition within an office space that is already in use or even if it is vacant.