Are out there thinking of how to keep fit and your schedule is probably too busy to do exactly that? Is fishing your thing?   For your information, with fishing, you have the means of getting fit at the same time doing what you love. Through the activity of fishing, depending on how frequently you do it, it’s possible to build your body muscles and gain strength.  This is because anytime you are sailing on the boat, your body muscles are equally working against the waves to get stability.

5 Unbelievable Ways Fishing Can Help You Get Fit

If these ideas sound great for you, then you will become even more fit by practicing the following;

1. Casting a net for a bait by throwing it

It’s never an easy task to catch live baits in a day of fishing; you have to do this act for a number of times to be successful in the long run. The nets which weigh between 15 pounds to 20 requires lots of energy in handling them. If you want to create a cast net that is spread out, then you will have to rotate your body using the core muscle. You will also need to strongly engage your arms to achieve momentum for a perfect throw. Do this for a number of days, and you will surely not look the same.

2. When you reel in a heavy fish

There exist different types of fish, some with very heavy weights above 100 pounds. Examples of this heavy fish species include the shark, marlin, sturgeon, and tarpon also known tuna among others. Just imagine fighting and struggling for a couple of hours with one of this great catch. What will stop your triceps and biceps to achieve a perfect tone? Some individuals such as the big game anglers adopt the help of a gimbal belt or rather a fighting belt to gain balance and control. During this activity, you can also use your leg and neck muscle which equally contributes to muscles building. Did you know that there exist great fishing reels at very affordable prices? Here are amazing fishing reels under $100.

3. To hold up that dream catch

It’s very true that when reeling, you will definitely engage more of your arm muscles. Just when you are done, it’s about time you engage them again in order to get a perfect photo as you celebrate. Can you imagine when you are in the middle of this excitement and your fish attempts to free itself? This is the point you get to know just how much strength you have got. To survive this, you will have to get a firm hold on the fish with the help of your two arms while employing proper techniques of catching and releasing.  This will ensure that you will get your fish home in anticipation of a perfect meal.

4. To pick an anchor or trolling motor

In the event that you are probably fishing with a small fishing boat which doesn’t have an electric anchor, you will have to employ the strength of your arms and leg. This should help you drop down the anchor and pull it up. for you to successfully pull this through you, need the strength of your arms and leg muscles. When you decide to use your leg in order to lift heavy objects, it greatly reduces the chances of any back injury. This same technique you can apply when you drop or lift your trolling motor.

5. When you hike up steep slopes and river banks

Fishing can be equated to low impact calorie burning exercise. Hiking up steep slopes and river banks are actions that promote solid cardiovascular exercises especially during the high altitudes. This kind of environment is perfect for trout fishing.


Fishing is generally an excise than anyone who wishes to lose a number of pounds without noticing it should give it a try. Even the best fishermen known for great casting didn’t get it over a day. it was generated through efforts of practice coupled with muscle building. Through fishing, you will be in a position to develop great eye-hand coordination.  The activity of fishing is as well able to facilitate your small muscle building starting from the hands, biceps, forearms, triceps, shoulders and your waist. It definite choice for anyone who doesn’t like vigorous exercise regime associated with the gym. Do you love fishing? Even much better because all you have to do is get into the waters and do your thing!