The transportation is one of the most integral parts for the proper functioning and growth of any state. Without the proper means of transportation, the life of the citizens will turn out to be hectic and tiring.Since the last decade, most of the people are traveling from one end to the other is almost the same manner. But, it is changing now.

Technologies have been converging in the industry of transportation and investors are taking care of it. So what are these trends that are compelling us so much to benefit the transportation industries immensely? Let us just have a look at these transportation trends.

Autonomous Vehicles:

Feet free and hands-free driving is what is going to be available widely very soon. Experts say that the era of fully autonomous driving is not very far, and it will be picking the momentum very quickly.Few years ago Google used LiDAR sensors for its autonomous vehicles and its average cost was more the $65000. The manufacturers have invented a miniature version of the same technology that is one-tenth of the old one. With so quick changes in the technology that will only cost a few hundred dollars, it is more likely that there will be another massive decrease in the new trend.

The fully autonomous vehicles are believed to change the entire trend of transportation in the coming years. There will be a huge drop in the traffic, safety won’t be compromised, mobility will be regained, and the best of all are they promise to be fuel efficient, the cities can make use of the parking spaces as public spaces.

Connected Vehicles:

2014 recorded more subscribers for a car than mobile or tablet according to research done by AT&T in the third quarter of 2014. The data plans are capable of delivering software updates to the respective vehicles in context with the traffic to navigation and connectivity of internet to the passengers. Proper connection with the vehicles minimizes the fatality rate of the vehicles and also reduces congestion. It has also boosted the automotive makers to generate new software tools that can be used for preventive and predictive maintenance.

Electric Drivetrain:

An electric drivetrain is more competitive to fossil-fueled vehicles in terms of compact, powerful and efficiency. They are also known for zero local air emissions as compared to the fossil-fueled vehicles. The electric drive is a good combination of efficiency and performance. They are capable of delivering good balance and efficiency in terms of wheel-to-wheel areas of concern. with the capability to produce maximum torque at any desired speed and absorbing energy by making use of regenerative braking, the electric drivetrain is one of the extensively preferred means of transportation for many of the people.

With the tremendous investment in battery technologies along with the combination of disruptive innovations the cost of energy storage has been reduced to a great extent. The low-carbon emission will be turning more cost effective where the fossil fuels will be noticing an increase in future. This results many of the transport sectors to give their share in the market to the electric drivetrain.