The ultimate travel itinerary is incomplete without an action plan in case something goes wrong. Do you have enough ironed shirts if there’s a last-minute change in plans? Will the bartender spill a drink on your shoes? Will someone lose your luggage at the flight? If you’re ready for these situations and more, then you’re good to fly anywhere! Here are some travel essentials that you can’t leave your home without –

Top 7 Essentials You Can't Travel Without

1. Four-Wheeled Luggage

You should invest in a 4-wheel luggage as they’re the most comfortable travel companion for your needs. Bags can get increasingly heavy, as you shop through new streets and create new memories. Carrying them around on a 2-wheel roller is going to strain your back. Walk long-distances with 4-wheel luggage options, as you go out on the town care free.

2. Reduce space

You should roll-up your shirts and jeans and use compression whereever possible to decrease space. You can carry so much more, if you decrease the space that each item takes. E.g. If you’re considering packing slippers and shoes, try packing only shoes and asking your resort or hotel for slippers later. More often than not, best resorts in India will be happy to oblige.

At the LaLiT, one of the top 10 hotels in India, we pride ourselves in taking the best care of our guests by helping them out in any way we can.

3. Go high-tech

Buy a Kindle at the airport, if you love reading but can’t carry too many books. It feels the same as the weight of a book in your hands, and it has a lightness about them. You can pre-download hundreds of books before taking off and pick out the new ones based on Amazon’s suggestions.

4. Combination pad-lock

Don’t go for the tiny locks that you can buy at a stationery shop. Invest in a strong pad-lock that’s based on a combination of numbers instead of a key. You can always store the combination under a secret contact in your phone, but if you lose your key then you’re in trouble.

5. Mini-medical kit

When travelling to remote destinations, you should carry a mini-medical kit just in case. Especially when travelling with kids, there could be hidden cuts or bruises that need healing right there and then. You can store in your check-in bags and they don’t take up much space.

6. Battery-packs

Selfies, videos and Instagram. If one can’t access them when visiting beautiful places, then the experience isn’t as fruitful. Carry a larger battery pack that can store 3-4 charges on the day, and ensure that your chargers aren’t outdated or broken.

7. Snack bars 

Don’t go for the sugary ones, but stay healthy and pick up some protein-packed snack bars. You don’t want to eat out all the time, and some preparation can make all the difference.