It is that time of the year again when everyone in the academic world is smitten by NEET 2018 examination. All the NEET aspirants are busy studying from their textbooks, referring to notes, taking NEET online coaching, and trying to memorise and grasp as much knowledge as they can. As the level of competition is extremely high, all candidates need to be well-prepared to grab a seat in one of the best medical colleges in India.

So, if you have not studied hard enough in 11th standard, it is high time you pull up your socks and start preparing. The NEET syllabus consists of more than 13,000 concepts, and that is the reason why your NEET Preparation needs to be excellent. If you have a well-planned timetable, it is not impossible to crack the examination.

At this crucial time, we have arranged a cheat sheet for you to prepare for NEET 2018. This NEET Preparation study plan will help you narrow the scope of studying by helping you to focus on the basics. So, follow these tips to crack the exam. 

  1. Start from Scratch

Having a basic knowledge and understanding of all the topics in the NEET 2018 syllabus is a must if you want togive your best shot. After you are through with all the syllabus, you can study the crucial chapters and concepts once again.For this, you can refer to the best preparation books or download digital learning programs like Aakash iTutor. This platform gives you access to more than 200 eBooks on your laptop, desktop or tablet.

  1. Create A Realistic Timetable

Following a consistent timetable helps you to stay attentive towards achieving your goal while preparing for NEET. Also, since you must finish an extensive syllabus, having a realistic and achievable timetable helps you to organise your NEET preparation well. Always follow your timetable strictly and be flexible towards modifying it from time to time.

  1. Practice Mock Test Papers

One of the biggest challenges of the NEET examination is that it is time bounded. Candidates are required to complete 180 questions in 180 minutes. This means that they get exactly 1 minute to answer 1 question. This is the reason why practice is necessary to manage time in the exam. It is always advised to keep the time limitation in mind while you are practising at home. It is very beneficial to solve all NEET last year question papers and take NEET online coaching sessions.

  1. Work on Weaker Areas

It is common to be strong in one subject and weak in another. One should not get discouraged. Instead, you should try and work hard on the weaker topics to strengthen them. If needed, take assistance from an expert, friend or take extra classes for that subject or chapter. Doing this will benefit you in overcoming the fear of your weaker areas quite efficiently.

  1. Take Scheduled Breaks

Students should entirely avoid marathon study sessions, particularly for hard topics. While attemptingto solve a challenging crossword, students may think that if they take a small break and come back to the crossword, they will end up with an answer comparatively faster.The reason being, even though students are notdeliberately solving it, their mind is still working in the background without being aware. It does most of the hard work for them. Candidates should plan and take regular breaks in between study sessions to prepare for the exam in animproved way.

  1. Take Care of Health

A peaceful and complete sleep is the best brain refresher. It not just rejuvenates a student, but it also enhances their concentration power. Students should maintain a regular sleep cycle. Sufficient rest always contributes to staying positive and motivated.

You should dedicatedly follow all the above NEET preparation tips to secure a good rank in NEET Exam. Also, make sure you do not keep procrastinating the preparation process thinking that you have plenty of time in hand.

All the best!