Blockage can be in your sink, toilet, shower or gulley drains, or in the main sewer connected to your household drainage system. At some point in their life, every residential, commercial or industrial property owner finds out their drains are blocked and they need a reliable drain unblocking service immediately to get the flow running again.

Fat, grease, tree root intrusion, debris and sanitary products are some of the most common causes of blocked drains. If not dealt with in-time, clogged up drainages can lead to some nasty surprises such as extremely slow running drains, overflowing drains or collapsed drains. There are some DIY tools like a plunger and a drain snake that can help you clear the blockage.

However, if you find that a plunger isn’t enough to break apart the stubborn blockage down there, you need something more efficient and effective like high pressure water jetting equipment. Established drainage companies always prefer using high pressure water jetting, also known as hydro-jetting and drain jetting, to unblock drains.

Top 5 Reasons Why High Pressure Water Jetting Is Most Effective Drain Unblocking Solution

Why Choose High Pressure Water Jetting For Drain Unblocking?

First of all, let me brief you what is high pressure water jetting. The equipment features a hose with a specialized nozzle which ejects high-pressure water stream, which is capable to break any stubborn blockage into pieces in no time.  Regardless the cause and location of blockage in the drainage system, this drain jetting equipment can effectively and easily clear any build-up causing no disruption to the property. Drainage professionals always perform CCTV drain survey before and after drain jetting to ensure no damage is caused to the drainage system.

Following are 5 key reasons why drainage repair specialists choose high pressure water jetting for drain unblocking:

No Repetitive Blocked Drains!

A plunger or a snake may restore the flow in blocked drains temporary by partially clearing the build-up inside the pipe. And you will keep suffering from frequent blockages in the near future as the problem was not fully addressed. But high pressure water jetting differs here. It fully removes the blockage, whether it is in sink, toilet, shower or bathtub drain. The technique is also used to clear blockages in main sewer lines.

 They Do More Than Unblocking Your Blocked Drains!

In addition to drain unblocking, high pressure water jetting technique also helps to clean the drainage pipes from within without digging up the ground. The high pressure water stream will remove fatberg, deposit, dirt or any other type of sludge inside your drainage lines to restore them at optimal flow.

No More Bacteria In The Pipes

In high pressure water jetting technique, the water is streamed at very high pressure (up to 6000 psi) that it doesn’t clear the sludge, debris and build-ups but also wash away the inhabitants of bacteria inside your drainage pipes. This will help you get rid of awful smell coming out of your drains.

Highly Effective Residue Removal

High pressure water jetting is far more effective technique than other drain cleaning techniques. The powerful water stream can cut the roots, wash away debris and clear slit or any other obstruction inside the drainage pipe to make it fully clean from within. Different sizes of nozzles are available for the equipment. A drainage technician can choose a nozzle considering the diameter of the drainage pipe and ensure no damage is caused to the drainage line during the drain jetting operation.

It’s Eco-Friendly And Affordable!

Drain jetting process doesn’t involve use of chemical. The equipment uses high pressure water stream to clear blockages and clean the drainage pipes effectively. And thus, it is 100% environment-friendly drain unblocking and drain cleaning technique. What’s more, the technique doesn’t involve excavation and it is also a faster way of removing clogs and cleaning pipes. It will save you a good amount of time and money!