I think we’re all agreed that buying for your Grandmother can be difficult. You don’t want to cause offence by buying her something that is inappropriate or that she will never use and you definitely don’t want to buy her something she hates. And the fact is that Grandma’s usually say they have everything they need don’t they?

Do not despair! Step away from the dreary old Lavender bath salts and the box of chocolates – most of which she’ll give away anyway. And forget about buying yet another trinket for her mantelpiece because she’ll more than likely have lots of those already. Instead why not think about buying something lovely that she can wear?

A Perfect Gift For Your Grandma

Surprise Her With a High Quality Garment

All of us love wearing clothes that are well made with the luxurious feel of a high quality fabric. So what Grandma wouldn’t love to be given a sweater or cardigan from an Irish sweater mill, made by a team of craftspeople following over a hundred years of tradition but using the very latest techniques? Any woman can appreciate the quality of a garment which is made with care and attention to detail. And when that garment is made using natural fibres like soft but hard-wearing Merino wool, silk and pure new wool it is obvious that the garment is going to look beautiful for a very long time.

What To Choose?

Cardigans are always a practical option but who says they have to be frumpy, shapeless and made from acrylic? During the winter months an Aran button-up cardigan is the perfect solution for staying warm. One with an extra-stylish Revere collar and deep pockets fulfils the need for practicality as well as being bang up to date. During the warmer summer months a lightweight cotton or linen garment is a better option for keeping cool. Your Grandma will look effortlessly stylish wearing a Chunky Collar Coat or full-length zipper knitted coat – an elegant change from the usual winter anorak-style coats – and perfect to wear for special occasions.

If you are not confident you could make the right choice of garment then why not go for something smaller? Wrapping up snugly in a pure wool knitted scarf and hat is one of the joys to be had in the colder months and makes all the difference in whether you enjoy being outdoors or not. When the thermometer plunges downwards and the wind is howling keeping your head and neck warm is vital to help ward off those winter sniffles. When the weather is cool but not quite cold enough for a big coat then a shawl or wrap could be the answer. When one is made using 100% Merino wool you are guaranteed to feel warm and snug as the proverbial bug!

Something For The Home?

If you are worried about making the wrong sartorial choice for your Gran then perhaps you could look at buying her something for her home. A stylish and cosy throw is perfect for enhancing any room in the house, whether on the bed or draped artfully over a chair or sofa. And one which is crafted using 100% Merino wool or 100% pure new wool is guaranteed to look great for many years whilst keeping a person warm and snug.

Grannies Don’t Have To Like Beige!

If your Grandma is the kind of woman who feels comfortable in neutral colours then fine, play it safe and buy her something in a natural colour. But when there are such lovely jewel shades like raspberry, grass green, marl blue and even purple available there’s no need to stick to boring beige.

With the tips above, you’re sure to come up with a gift to please your grandma – no matter how ‘fussy’ she seems.