Yolloy Outdoor Product CO., LTD situated in, CHINA. It enjoys a suitable and well-developed transport network. we are close to BAIYUN intercontinental airport, and the new Guangzhou Railway Station, merely 90 mins’ ride to Hongkong as well as 60mins to Macau. Our mostly products are:  Clear Inflatable Tent, inflatable marquee , Inflatable Water Game,  Inflatable Slide, Inflatable Castles, Interactive Sport Games,Inflatable Bouncer,  Air Sky Dancer, Swimming pools, inflatable boats, Inflatable Paintball Bunkers, inflatable climbing, cartoon costumes as well as so on.

Top 5 Inflatable Product Supplier

Ingenious Inflatables

Ingenious inflatables are the largest United Kingdom inflatables manufacturer. They possess a amount of years in inflatable built-up, which has seen them spread out their scope of products. amongst the products they produce, comprise inflatable buildings, inflatable billboards, promotional products, and giant product replica. This has seen them job with a number of well-known as well as best-loved brand in as well as outside Europe. Ingenious inflatables give their clientele with tailor made solution to their own specification, meaning they obtain unique products that present them viable edge that their brands deserve. This is achieved using modern design, inventive technologies, not to state an in-depth experience of inflatable structural engineering.

BeeTee Inflatables

BeeTee inflatable is a condition of the art inflatable producer that deals with a number of inflatable. Their 38 years of experience in the business makes them one of the best established inflatables producer inflatable business. They boast of a management team in addition to design team that have 100 joint years of experience, which has seen them present a vast inflatable product range, all of which are either new or else bettered upon as they tirelessly make each effort towards quality.

HEC Worldwide

HEC Worldwide is inflatable manufacturer and supplier that deal with a extensive range of inflatable product. With more than two decades of experience beneath their belts, they carry on to work about the clock to present the industry new ideas as well as design concepts that conform to the new technology not to state new business standards. This has seen them meet up all the pertinent ASTM, NFPA and CPSIA standards as regard safety, fire resistance in addition to lead content. Their promise to innovation has seen them slot in a number of features into their design, which comprise Double, Triple and Quad Stitching joint with Dura Seal, which are very important in reinforcing seam in high stress areas therefore resulting to more sturdiness.

Qile Inflatable

Qile Inflatable is recognized for manufacturing high excellence bouncy castles, tent, Water Park amongst other inflatables. The corporation offers high standard modified inflatable products at and a two-year guarantee With over a decade experience in the business, Qile inflatable have mastered the art as well as knowledge in developed high excellence products that meet up any safety standard forced by country in the globe. They work better with their clientele especially, when they collaborate with them, particularly in regards to modified products. Their capability to make anything that inflate is informed by the use of novel technologies in design as well as production for example CAD and 3DSMax.