Families spend more time in their vehicles than they may realize. From shuffling kids to daycare to navigating between extracurricular activities, your automobile may serve as a second home for much of each week. With this in mind, finding a new automobile that matches your family’s needs is no small matter. Here are some tips for buying a family-friendly automobile.

Many family-friendly automobiles are waiting. Find the one that’s right for your family.

Consider the Size

How large of a vehicle do you need for your family? Do you plan to have more children, or do you foresee another reason for needing a larger vehicle in the future? Looking at your current and future vehicle size needs will help you select an option that will work well for your family for several years.

When shopping for automobiles, bring along your children’s car seats (if they’re still using car seats). Installing the seats in the vehicles you’re comparing will help you accurately determine the amount of space that will be available. Also, look in the vehicle’s back storage area to determine if it offers enough room for any gear you’ll be regularly hauling. Hidden compartments in vehicles are always a bonus feature worth considering.

How To Buy A Family-friendly Automobile

Choose a Motion-Activated Door

One perk of modern vehicles that most families adore is a motion-activated door. This feature allows you to open the vehicle’s door with the wave of a hand or foot, rather than having to set down your groceries or other items to open the door manually.

Invest in Collision Avoidance

According to Thought Leader Series: How to Ensure you buy a Family-Friendly Vehicle, a vehicle equipped with collision avoidance technology can be a worthy investment. A vehicle’s collision warning system alerts the driver when the vehicle in front of them is slowing or has stopped. This alert could be the difference between a safe ride home and a bad accident. While a vehicle equipped with this type of system may cost more than others, it could be a worthy investment if it helps you avoid a collision.

Review Safety Ratings

Every automobile search should include a review of the safety ratings of each vehicle you’re considering as your next family car. One of your top priorities in the search for a family vehicle is likely choosing an option that will keep your family safe in a collision.

While your safety can’t be guaranteed in an automobile, choosing a vehicle with a high safety rating can increase your chances of walking away from a collision with minor, rather than major, injuries. When assessing a vehicle’s safety ratings, look at such factors as the chance of rollovers, how the auto held up in side collisions and whether the vehicle’s model has had any major recalls.

Know your Needs

Every vehicle search should start and end with knowing your needs and how well each potential automobile matches those needs. If you regularly take the family on long car trips, an onboard entertainment system will likely be a must-have feature. Make a list of your needs at the start of your search and don’t settle until you find a vehicle that matches them.

Buying a family-friendly automobile is an important task, especially considering the amount of time that you and your family will likely spend in the vehicle each week. From considering the size of automobile that you need to investing in special features, learn as much as you can about the available options to make the best purchase.