Technology has made life easiest. In every sector of your life, technology has appeared as a boon. Do you have a smartphone? The internet can make your life easy. From booking your dinner date with your beau to arranging a trip with friends, everything can be simple. Are you planning a trip? In that case, you can travel by train to enjoy your journey the most. Today, you don’t need to go to the rail station for booking tickets. Go for online booking from the comfort of your house.

Tips To Book Train Ticket Online

You can use your laptop or smartphone for online booking. Or you can also go to cyber café for ticket booking. Once you are done, you can go for IRCTC train inquiry. Now, if you are doing for the first time, you should follow these essential steps. Read on to know more-

  • The first thing you need to do is to find the appropriate train for your destination. Find the name and the number of the train. For that, you need to go to the website of Indian Railways Passenger Reservation Inquiry.
  • You will find the option ‘Train Berth Availability’ there, at the bottom of the ‘Services’ section that you will get on the left-hand side. There is also a timetable to help the passengers to find the proper timings of the train.
  • The next step is entering the details of the departure station and also the details of the station you are heading towards. Also, you need to enter the journey date, type of train you are willing to travel and type of accommodation you will prefer.
  • If there is no train between the stations you are traveling, you will get an error message. In that case, you need to go back and find the nearest station of your destination.
  • You will also be presented with the list of trains from where you can select the train, check class you wish to travel and also the availability of berths you want to book. Here, you can also check the train fare and the route. While traveling, you must have ideas about these things.
  • Your booking can go RAC (Reservation against Cancellation) if there is no availability of beds in the particular train, you wish to have the journey in. If you have the urgency of traveling, you can still book tickets; in that case, you won’t get any bed until there enough reservation gets cancelled.
  • If the train is full, you will be seen on the ‘Waiting List’ (WL). Once your name is showing there, you can’t board the train until there are several cancellations.
  • For online booking, you need to register on the IRCTC website. Click on the ‘Quick Book’ tab, and it will direct you to the ‘Plan My Journey’ section. Enter every detail and select e-ticket. Click on ‘Submit.’ Your electronic reservation will be completed when you make the payment by entering the ‘Payment Options.’

So, these are the ways to book tickets online. This process is quite time-saving and often you can get offers and discounts which are only available for online booking.